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Front Page Live puts you in the driver’s seat of your own news and views.

You don’t want to wade through media noise on multiple websites just to find the hottest stories of the day. You don’t have to get lost in a sea of crazy websites with hidden agendas and behind-the-scenes power players who control the angle of the story in order to control you. Like us, you need a central hub, your own front page, a place where important stories don’t get buried by distractions.

At Front Page Live we assembled a team of digital mavens and decided to do something about it.

At Front Page Live, we don’t tell you what to think. We share stories and articles we trust and let you make your own informed decisions … about what you can do for issues you care deeply about.  We’re dedicated to real facts, diverse voices, and the support of honest journalism that also reflects the values and voices of the majority of Americans. You are the Great Majority, forward-thinking and reasonable citizens who simply want a shot at a healthy and fulfilling life for you and your family.

With daily news and progressive analysis that matters to you, all in one place—a snapshot of the hottest stories, tweets, videos, and difference-making campaigns—you save time. And by clicking on headlines, you even help us decide which types of stories are most important for us to post.

Front Page Live is your front page for the news that matters to you.  We look forward to building it with you, and to working together towards one America, with many different views but all on the same page.




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CEO and Editor in Chief
MastheadJoseph Romm is cofounder, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief of His latest book is “How to Go Viral and Reach Millions,” and CNN host Van Jones describes Joe as “the communicator’s communicator.” Joe is Founding Editor of, which NY Times columnist Tom Friedman called “the indispensable blog.” In 1997, Joe served as Acting Assistant Secretary of Energy for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, where he oversaw 1 billion dollars in R&D and deployment of clean energy technologies. In 2009, Time magazine named him one of its “Heroes of the Environment,” and Rolling Stone named him to its list of “100 People Who Are Changing America.” Joe holds a PhD in physics from M.I.T. and is the author of 10 books on climate change, clean energy, and communications.

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Senior Advisor
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Laura Dawn is writer, director, strategist, and producer of social justice media and campaigns with over 500 million online views of her work. Laura was the co-creator of Bush in 30 Seconds (2013), the first user generated political ad campaign, a groundbreaking campaign now taught in advertising & communications textbooks across the world. As the former founding Cultural & Creative Director of (2004 – 2012) and current Founder and Chief Creative of award winning cultural strategy agency ART NOT WAR, Laura has spent the last 17 years directing ground breaking cultural campaigns and making high impact media. She has written & directed over 200 online videos and mini-docs, and in the past decade served as producer and creative director for over 500 media pieces and produced 2 full length documentaries. Her direct content has reached over 1 billion people worldwide. She has extensive experience in digital strategy, producing over 1 billion dollars of earned media for social justice campaigns. Laura is also the founder of feminist media group Humanity for Progress and serves on the Advisory Boards of the Climate Mobilization, The Hometown Project, and Swayable. Laura is Founder of the Ethical Engine, a new platform that seeks to nudge the public towards more progressive positions by targeted narrowcasting at scale, powered by personalized and emotionally aligned creative.

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Editorial Director UK

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Born in London to Sikh parents of Indian origin, Sunny has a degree in Economics from Brunel University. He is best known as the founder and editor of the center-left group blog Liberal Conspiracy, the biggest progressive blog in the UK. Sunny is proud of his work there to take down the News of the World by going after its advertisers. Recently Sunny has been social media editor at openDemocracy and editor at Political Scrapbook. Prior to that the Guardian’s website named him as their blogger of the year in 2006. Sunny has written for large publications that include The Guardian, The Financial Times and The Independent. He ran a group blog called Pickled Politics, focusing on the war on terror and security issues. He is currently a journalist-in-residence at Kingston University. Sunny is a Covenor of the cross-party political movement, More United.

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Chief Political Correspondent

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Award winning reporter Carl Cameron has been a fixture in American Political journalism since 1988 when he burst into radio and television in New Hampshire, home of the nation’s lead off presidential primary.

Carl was one of the first reporters hired by FOX NEWS in 1995. He served as FOX’s first Congressional Correspondent, first Chief Political Correspondent and First Chief White House Correspondent. He left FOX in 2017.

Nicknamed “Campaign Carl” by colleagues, The Washington Post called Carl “Fox’s Man in the Middle” for his even-handed, fact-based approach to political news. The New York Times wrote “Fellow journalists say they detect no bias in his reporting.”

Carl lives in the Washington DC area with wife Moira Hopkins who worked and traveled with him on the campaign trail for a decade and a half.

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Executive Producer


Moira Hopkins hung up her hat after 20+ years as a cable news photojournalist, news videographer and audio tech who covered presidential campaigns and all things politics.   She started her career in national television news after she completed an internship at CNN where she covered the Clarence Thomas hearings.  Her passion for politics and media was born.  Her first job was working for C-SPAN covering congressional hearings.

Following C-SPAN, she joined FOX NEWS where she spent more than 20 years covering countless presidential candidates, campaigns and elections. In early 2017, Moira left FOX. Her husband Carl Cameron also left FOX soon thereafter.

Moira was born in Nashville, raised in Ireland and came to the States for college where she got her degree in Communications and Political Science in Washington State. Moira is an avid dog lover, and rescuer and lives in the Washington, D.C. area with her husband, Carl and their dog Toby.

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Video Correspondent, Producer
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Kym Allen is a writer, producer, SAG-AFTRA actor, vintage treasure hunter, and natural connector of people. Kym is a producer, writer, and researcher with ART NOT WAR, working on election fraud, CA Prop 10 fair housing, mass incarceration, and the 2018 GOTV project. Fluent in Spanish, Kym majored in Communication Studies at Loyola Marymount University.

Kym is also committed to building community through compelling storytelling. She is currently producing and performing in a live theater show called “Chrysalis”, made up of original pieces all written and performed by women. The show takes a deep dive into the transitory state of life from the femme-identifying perspective, highlighting the subtleties of the human experience that we as a culture are often taught to hide. Last year, her creative team made their theater debut with a politically charged piece called “Echoes”. After four sold out shows, the women of Echoes were able to make a sizable donation to Planned Parenthood. Kym plans to continue to create spaces where women, especially black women, can freely tell their stories, expanding upon the representations of black women in media, and challenging perceptions of blackness and femininity.

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Chief of Operations

John Eaton is a marketing technology entrepreneur who has spent over a decade helping the global enterprise understand consumers and markets through innovations in data, process and analytics. He has worked at big companies, started a couple of his own, and is generally driven by cool new tech, huge data sets and colorful, interactive dashboards. John’s early expertise in digital technologies was developed as manager and producer in the entertainment industry where he participated in Grammy and MTV award-winning global releases. Recently John has had the good fortune to work at Art Not War taking on the big bad guys and looking for ways to improve progressive digital communications practices.

Previous Executive experience includes senior vice-president at Ipsos, co-founder and President of SaaS influence and advocacy management platform SocialChorus, co-Founder and CEO of social/digital marketing services agency YouCast which provided digital strategy, creative, analytics and media optimization across healthcare, insurance, CPG, philanthropy, retail and entertainment sectors. John’s early expertise in digital technologies was developed as manager and producer in the entertainment industry for such artists as P Diddy, Anthrax, David Bowie, and Foo Fighters where he participated in Grammy and MTV award-winning global releases.

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Senior Vice President and Executive Producer
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Stacy’s main role is to create partnerships with individuals, organizations, and companies to build brand awareness of Front Page Live. She also produces the regular video series featuring Carl Cameron.

She also spent a decade working in international development, focused on Middle East water issues and climate change. She was the Communications Director for SERVIR, a joint NASA/USAID program. She frequently traveled to Africa and Asia working with organizations there to develop communications and branding strategies to increase awareness of the program.

Over the course of her career, she’s worked in dozens of countries— everywhere from Argentina to Tanzania. She also speaks fluent Spanish. When she’s at home you can find her striking her warrior pose or brushing up on her lines. Stacy is an accomplished stage and (sometimes) film actress, having played opposite Eric Roberts in an independent film. She is currently behind the camera producing a new show about Tangier Island. Her two greatest productions however, are her sons, Tamer and Emilio.

Stacy is also an advisor to the Virtual World Society and the Conrad Foundation.

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Editorial Director – US West
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Wojtek Wacowski was born and raised in Poland on the “wrong” side of the Iron Curtain. As a student in Gdańsk he witnessed the entire cycle of the fall of the authoritarian, “communist” system in the Eastern bloc countries in the 70s and 80s, culminating with the fall of the Berlin Wall which he treats as the most important day in his life. Wojtek traveled several times around the world in the 90s working for a Canadian experiential education program “Class Afloat”. He accidentally immigrated to the USA in 2001 to join his wife, and spent two years living on the Oberlin College campus in Ohio, the experience that solidified his liberal worldview. He took interest in social media from its early days, on Facebook since 2007. In November 2009 he created the hugely successful “Being Liberal” page that quickly gained lots of followers, currently at almost 1.7 million. His social media expertise led to his work as a strategist for Upworthy, and Brave New Films. His consulting firm Huddled Masses Media in Seattle provides social media strategies and maintenance for left leaning organizations and businesses.

Traveling remains his passion and he prides himself in having explored 46 US states, much more than average for native born Americans.