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Carl Cameron’s videos

Conservative Ad Trashes Moscow Mitch

Trump Claims “All In” on Background Checks

Trump Blames Internet for Mass Shootings

Dem’s Debate Redux

Dem’s HealthCare Division Deepens

Mueller Testifies, Now What?

Why Trump’s “Make America Great Again” is un-American (in 103 seconds)

Why We Don’t Need Any More Proof Trump is a Racist (in 59 seconds)

Why Trump Might Have To Show His Tax Returns (in 50 seconds)

Why Trump and McConnell Should Be Worried (in 87 seconds)

Why Trump’s Administration Disagrees with his Environmental Claims (in 87 seconds)

An Independence Day Message from Carl Cameron (in 69 seconds)

Carl Cameron: Why the Suffering At The Border Is Worse Than You Thought (in 52 Seconds)


Why Trump’s Tax Cut Has Failed Working Families (in 49 seconds)


Why The Debates Are Performances (in 99 seconds)


Who Is Carl Cameron?