Racist trash: Twitter has no time for Senator Tom Cotton and pilgrim rant

‘Racist piece of trash’: Twitter has no time for Senator Tom Cotton and his pilgrim rant

Tom Cotton looking to the left


In a speech on the Senate floor Wednesday, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) spent a considerable amount of time complaining about the lack of pilgrim commemorations.

“There appear to be few commemorations, parades, or festivals to celebrate the Pilgrims this year, perhaps in part because revisionist charlatans of the radical left have lately claimed the previous year as America’s true founding,” said Cotton — apparently forgetting about the pandemic raging across the U.S. and killing thousands of people per day.

‘Actual history terrifies you’

Ilhan Omar smiling


Cotton’s comments received plenty of backlash, including a slam on Twitter by Rep Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

She wasn’t the only one with something to say.

You need to straighten out your priorities

A photograph of healthcare workers at a drive thru coronavirus testing site.

Flickr / The National Guard

Cotton’s critics were quick to point out that there are more pressing things to discuss like unemployment, Trump’s failure to concede, and the coronavirus PANDEMIC. The plight of the pilgrims and the NYT’s food section are not top of the list for most people at the moment.

The racism jumps out

Dictionary page with racism highlighted in pink


Senator Cotton is the same person that called slavery “a necessary evil” earlier this year.

‘What do we do with all the Tom Cottons?’

Protest with one man holding a sign that says "I wish this were fake news"

Unsplash / Kayla Velasquez

Twitter users are shaking their heads at the fact that so many people — including lawmakers — seem to be living in an alternative reality.

What’s in a name?

A cotton field


People also see irony in the fact that the senator’s last name is “Cotton” — caricature indeed.

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