Holy crap that is brilliant: MeidasTouch trolling Trump and crew

‘Holy crap that is brilliant’: MeidasTouch isn’t finished trolling Trump and crew

Screenshot from the MeidasTouch "Jones Day" video

Screenshot / YouTube

The election may be over, but the media group MeidasTouch is not finished trolling Trump and crew. Their newest video expertly trolls Jones Day, the law firm helping Trump attempt to undermine American democracy.

Playing out like a recruitment ad, the video tells viewers all of the great things about working for Jones Day — like “getting to work with the entire Trump family!”


Hey law grads, MeidasTouch has found a job for you!

‘Piss on democracy’

A photograph of a bathroom stall. A smiley face is painted on the toilet lid.


Jones Day is perpetuating those negative lawyer stereotypes.

That before and after

Stephen Miller speaking at the White House

Screenshot / YouTube

Twitter loved MeidasTouch’s Stephen Miller before and after!

MeidasTouch knows how to troll

Man laughing in front of a blue background


Users are giving the media company all the props for their expert trolling.

Hope they already cashed the check…

Trump looking to the side

Flickr / Gage Skidmore

Some pointed out that Trump isn’t exactly known for paying his debts…

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