using our faith for your vote Christian Super PAC joins best anti-Trump ads

‘The days of using our faith for your vote are over’: Christian Super PAC joins week’s best anti-Trump ads

2030 America under Trump? - Hollywood joins the super PACs in the week's best anti-Trump ads

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Donald Trump, possibly still infected with the deadly and highly infectious COVID-19, threatens to “kiss everyone” at his Sanford rally. Early voters face queues up to hours long — yet Americans are undeterred. “Souls to polls,” goes viral as images circulate of the unprecedented queues and steely spirit.

Another week. With just 17 days to go until the Trump-Biden finale, here are the best ads to round up the week and kickstart your weekend.


Priorities USA Action released not one but two ads on Monday. Trump took a double hit. One video deals with his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, and the second with a comparison against his rival Joe Biden — not a flattering side-to-side for the President.

The Lincoln Project put out a two-for-one video, slamming Trump and Fox News at the same time.

A busy day for ads, Monday also so the release of a MeidasTouch video about Trump’s travel ban.


MeidasTouch and Lincoln Project may have to share the spotlight, there are some new ad makers in town. With the election around the corner, political action committees are being formed and releasing ads in a last ditch effort to sway voters over the finish line.

Not Our Faith was formed by a group of prominent Christians. Their first ad blasted the hypocrisy of Donald Trump — who holds a Bible upside down — trying to curry favor with Christian voters.

A heartwrenching ad from The Lincoln Project also dropped on Tuesday. In “Names”, the Super PAC reminds us that the only way to protect ourselves from COVID is to get a new president.

Another COVID-related video, this one was put out by MeidasTouch.

MeidasTouch was busy on Tuesday because they also released “Trump the Grave Dancer”


Imagine if there was a super PAC releasing videos made by Hollywood directors? Well, now you don’t have to. Meet: Win America Back. Formed by Hollywood producers Micho Rutare, Ben Rosenblatt, and Mike Silver, their latest ad could win awards.

“Twenty Thirty” takes this scenario: “What does life look like in 2030 if Donald Trump continues to be president?” Enough to send shivers up anyone’s spine.

MediasTouch got creative with this ad reminding everyone that Trump is not a safe bet.

Another Wednesday release from MediasTouch, their first ASMR video.


Republican Voters Against Trump are renowned for their powerful ads. These former Trump supporters know where to hit so it hurts. In their latest ad, Olivia Troye makes a strong and passionate plea for voters to join her in choosing Biden.

She warns about the consequences of trusting Trump — and she should know, she worked in the Trump administration.

For this anti-Trump ad, The Lincoln Project teamed up with popstar Demi Lovato.


“I Believe that We Will Win”,  if you want a rousing and uplifting start to your weekend, then MeidasTouch has the ad for you.

#BelieveInAmerica does not castigate Trump. Instead, it champions Biden. America under Trump is pictured bleak and grey (literally). Cut to a new beginning, and footage of dancing families, cheering supporters, and the hope represented by a future under Joe Biden.

The Lincoln Project tackled Trump’s misogyny in their Friday ad.

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