Undecided voters: more Trump speaks worse he looks Donald's town hall

‘Undecided voters say the more Trump speaks, the worse he looks’: Everyone dumps on Donald’s town hall

Side by side photos of Biden and Trump

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COVID-infected, wannabe-fascist Donald Trump refused to do the Thursday night town hall debate with Joe Biden virtually — so he backed out.

But then Biden was given the slot to do his own town hall. Then Trump and his NBC flunkies decided that they couldn’t leave attention or money on the table and scheduled one for orange super-spreader on the same night. AT THE SAME TIME!

Trump thought he would easily beat Biden in the ratings, but Biden on ABC not only beat Trump on NBC, he beat Trump on NBC, CNBC, and MSNBC combined!

Anyway, here’s what you missed. Or didn’t miss. According to the Twitteratti.

You should see the other guy!

Man wearing a MAGA hat sitting in a busstop

Eric Leemon

Trump doesn’t realize that the Russians can’t help him answer questions.

If you tuned into NBC hoping to see any sanity, you would have needed to wait three hours until Seth Meyers came on.

A numbers game Don the Con has been losing for a long time

Trump speaking at an event

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Trump cares more about the number of people watching him spew lies at his town hall than he does the number of people dead from COVID.

Forget about a COVID vaccine — how about a truth serum for Trump?

Trump on Fox News with the words "Trump has no plan" across his mouth

Screenshot / YouTube

You’d figure that more than 60% of the population would recognize that a guy who has LIED OVER 22,000 times since being elected is a liar. That’s an average of twenty-three lies a day. And those are just the ones we know about.

The only people who are pro-pedophilia are pedophiles

Photo of a Trump rally

Screenshot / CNN

When pressed by moderator Savannah Guthrie about not renouncing QAnon, insecure impeached Donnie bellowed this gem:

I do know they are very much against pedophilia, they fight it very hard.

Well, yes, Joe Biden is also anti-pedophilia. And so are nearly all Americans.

Yeah, let’s address the hard-hitting issues!

Donald Trump walking outside

Flickr / The White House

Just a thought: maybe the stable genius isn’t quite so stable or genius-y?

Back Biden Better

Joe Biden smiling as he walks onto a stage

Wikimedia Commons / AFGE

The Joe Man was poised and actually ANSWERED QUESTIONS! And, most importantly, even a first-grader can notice the humanity in him.

Donnie Meltdown

A screenshot from the VoteVets ad calling the Trump #BenedictDonald America's number one traitor

Flickr / August Schwerdfeger

I can’t wait until Trump and his collection of COVID carriers all spin Thursday night as a majestic blowout, a completely dominating performance by big Donald that rendered Joe Biden helpless. Yeah, sure. And the Mets just won the World Series.

It’s not a talent show. It’s to be the leader of the free world.

Pro-Biden yard sign in Florida

Screenshot / Twitter

The only thing Trump will actually denounce is democracy.

Mexico won’t pay for the wall but Americans will pay for your handcuffs

Trump with Can't Face The Truth written next to him

Screenshot / YouTube

If you’re a Republican and you’ve lost Frank Luntz, you’ve lost.

America can finally exhale! (Almost)

Biden pointing

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None of this happens without YOU. Get out there and vote and take some friends with you. Americans have suffered enough.

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