As Democrats smash records for early voting a selfie-celebration on Twitter

As Democrats smash records for early voting, it’s a selfie-celebration on Twitter!

Millions of People Turn Out to Vote Early

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Between early voting and sending in absentee ballots, Americans across the country are making sure their votes count, come hell or high water. Whether it is getting out of bed early to head to the polls, standing in line for hours, or braving a pandemic, these intrepid voters did what they could to send in their vote early.

People aren’t playing around in 2020! Early voting is breaking records.

Even 102-year-old Bea Lumpkin managed to mask up and leave her house in order to go vote.

“The most important reason to vote in this election is that there’s so much at stake, more than any other vote I’ve cast, because of the great challenge to the survival of our democracy,” Lumpkin told CNN.

Waiting in line won’t stop them

“I just dropped my absentee ballot off at a dropbox here. People in line start cheering every time someone walks out with their “I voted” sticker. One lady said she waited in line for 7 hours,” said Niles Edward Francis on Twitter.

In Georgia, people are battling long lines. Some people reported waiting as long as 10 hours for the chance to cast their vote.

The sticker was worth it, according to one Twitter user. “Three hours later but I successfully cast my #EarlyVote in Georgia.”

More people waited, because they knew it was worth it.

Lines that stretched for miles

Another Twitter user shared her pictures of the lines in Georgia,“The lines earlier today at the Georgia International Convention Center.”

This line seemed to wrap around the whole block.

And this line stretched all the way down the road.

Records were broken

One county in Indiana said it broke a record with early voting. “JUST IN: Marion County Election Board says 1,240 people voted today on the first day of early voting in Indiana. It’s the most they have ever had.”

All votes were done fabulously and without apology, of course.

Mail-in ballots too!

Voting early doesn’t only happen in person. Plenty of people are celebrating their mail-in votes.

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Day 1,372: there was a 25 second window where there wasn’t anyone dropping off their ballot… just enough time. BUT I will say it was encouraging to see more than 10 people drop off ballots as I waited for my turn to quickly get a set in. Google “Milwaukee Ballot Boxes” for over a dozen of options. • The symbolism behind this video is about more than just pushups – the 22 Pushup Challenge originated as a way to spread awareness that an average of 22 combat veterans take their own lives each day. • A 2019 statistic from the Department of Veteran Affairs has shown that the number has decreased to 17 a day, but that is still too many! • If you need resources, you can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Or text HELLO to 741-741 for the Crisis Text Line. • If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, reach out and ask for help. It could save a life! • If you’d like to participate in the 22 Pushup Challenge, I encourage you to do so! Just record a video and post it on social media (Instagram, Facebook… wherever). • It doesn’t have to be “pretty” because it’s “not about the pushups” it’s about the awareness! Please tag me so I can support you with likes and comments (and a virtual pat on the back).

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Texans head out early

In Texas, voters are up and in line before the sun!

Republicans vote Joe!

Some Republicans are not only voting for a Democrat this year, but they are also doing it EARLY!

Young and old alike

Voters of all ages are determined to make their voices heard in 2020.

Is it your turn? Make sure you know when early voting starts in your state — and then get out and VOTE.

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