Can't lead, plan or face the truth: GOP group anti-Trump ad ignites Twitter

‘Can’t lead, can’t plan, can’t face the truth’: GOP group’s devastating anti-Trump ad ignites Twitter

Trump is killing his staff. Will you be next?

Screenshot / YouTube

Donald Trump had some of his detractors’ sympathy for about ten seconds last week. (Full disclosure: I wasn’t one of them.) Now that he’s out of the hospital and spewing his lies and hate and calling a Black female VP candidate a “monster” all goodwill disappeared quicker than a crushed Adderall tablet up a fascist’s nose.

The Lincoln Project’s latest ad shows that Trump is infecting the White House with COVID while simultaneously infecting America with misinformation.

Check it out:

“Even while he’s gasping for air, he still wants us to believe COVID isn’t a big deal.”

Twitter had some healthy reactions.

COVID ‘Affects almost nobody’

Trump sitting at a table in Walter Reed

Screenshot / Twitter

I agree. Donald J. Trump is a nobody.

The Super-Spreader in Chief

Trump sitting at a table while in Walter Reed

Flickr / The White House

The White House’s reckless and largely maskless super-spreader event to announce a tainted Supreme Court nominee may have already exposed thousands of people as far away as Atlanta and Minnesota.

Like father, like son.

34 White House infections (and counting)

Dying for the economy: what 15 conservatives say about reopening states right now 7

Flickr / Gage Skidmore

Refresh your browser — there might be even more by now.

I thought you were pro-life, Donald?

Judge Amy Coney Barrett


Oh, you’re just pro “your” life, Donald?

Your ‘cure’ used stem cells

A close up of a microscope


The cocktail of drugs that kept him alive was made from stem-cells. If Mike Pence had any integrity he’d resign today.

Walter Reed NDAs

A man holds a stethoscope to his own head.

Pixabay / Klaus Hausmann

Really? You’re making doctors sign non-disclosure agreements to hide all of your health issues? Oh, and you’re also making everyone you infect in the White House go to their private doctors so it doesn’t get reported in your administration’s statistics. Nothing to see here, Conman Donman.

His plan is no plan

Photo showing a jail cell


Actually, that’s not true. His plan is to stay out of prison.

Vote like your life depends on it

Trump wearing a facemask with vote him out written across him


Because this year, it really does.

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