Trump campaign 'historic scandal' — Twitter calls it an 'act of war'

Data leak reveals Trump campaign involved in ‘historic scandal’ — Twitter calls it an ‘act of war’

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Donald Trump’s campaign targeted TV and Facebook ads at 3.5 million Black American voters in key states in an attempt to stop them from going to the polls, according to a UK news network, Channel 4.

The massive data leak obtained by the outlet shows that, in 2016, files were prepared on nearly 200 million American voters.

The stats

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The millions of Black American voters were broken up into eight categories.

They bunched up 3.5 million voters from 16 key battleground states into a category called “Deterrence” for people it hoped wouldn’t show up to vote.

The stats? “61% of the category in Georgia, despite making up 32% of the population in the state; 46% in North Carolina, where they made up 22% of the population; and 17% in Wisconsin, despite making up 5.4% of the population,” according to Forbes.

Trump even boasted about it after winning the polls in 2016:

We did great with the African-American community … They didn’t come out to vote for Hillary.

Although it’s impossible to say if they’re connected, research shows that the number of eligible Black people who voted on Election Day in 2016 dropped for the first time in 20 years to 59.6% from 66.6% in 2012.


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As bombshells keep dropping before Election Day, Twitterati didn’t waste time calling Trump a racist.

In fact, they made the hashtag, #racistTrump, trend.

Some used irony to make the point:

One Black Lives Matters supporter also wondered if the Black Trump supporters — with 0 posts — are in fact, “Trump Bots.” But many agreed that this was “psychological warfare.”

Cambridge Analytica vs. Trump

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Team Trump has (obviously) called it “fake news.” Although Cambridge Analytica, the firm that worked 45’s campaign admitted that “AA” (African American) voters were targeted.

After Brad Parscale, Trump’s former campaign manager and someone who worked directly with Cambridge Analytica was hospitalized following an alleged suicide attempt this week, many on Twitter speculated that the two instances might be connected.

Need more proof to connect the dots? According to reports, two ex-Cambridge Analytica staffers are now working for Trump.

Many on the social media platform observed that Facebook wasn’t innocent in all of this either.

Should Facebook exercise this kind of power? Not in a democracy, says Twitter.

Many took to the platform to call out the fascist tendencies that this piece of news brought to light.

‘He’s done!’

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If there’s one thing this data leak has done, it’s inspired Black Americans to go out and vote — against Donald Trump.

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