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Joe Biden calls Trump a ‘Climate Arsonist’, and Twitter feels the burn

Trump standing in front of a fiery background

Canva / PNG Play

When Joe Biden dubbed Donald Trump a “Climate Arsonist,” it put a laser focus on damage caused by the president’s denial of reality. While millions of acres up and down the US west coast burn to the ground, Trump was busy smirking to himself and saying, “I don’t think science knows.”

Science does know, actually. And so do plenty of twitter users. The hashtags #ClimateArsonist and #ScienceKnows are burning up Twitter.


Trump earns his ‘Climate Arsonist’ title.

What is Trump looking at?

Man wearing a VF headset


Daylight has disappeared from towns on the US West Coast, but the president does not seem to notice.

Joe Biden looks to the future

Joe Biden giving a speech

Screenshot / YouTube

Joe Biden is not laughing about the loss of life. He doesn’t think that burned towns and flaming forests are something to chuckle about or gloss over.

Biden’s ‘burn’

Close up photo of fire

Unsplash / Maxim Tajer

Trump can throw around “Sleepy Biden” but the president has a new nickname that Twitter loves.

And Kamala Harris knows what the Climate Arsonist would do with four more years. She and Gavin Newsom live in the middle of it.

Trump’s crystal ball seems hazy

Peering through a crystal ball at a firey landscape.

Uki_71 / Pixabay

Trump thinks “it’ll start getting cooler.” But the president does not have much of a track record predicting the future.

Trump will use anything but science

A person sitting in a field throwing a handfull of smoke

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The president has no idea how to combat the wildfires and no interest in learning. The Climate Arsonist makes up facts — also known as “Lying” — and surrounds himself with other climate deniers.

Trump just needs to watch…anything but Fox

A drawing of the Statue of Liberty half covered in rising seas.

Flickr / Becker1999

The rest of the world can see what is happening with climate change.

Trump just needs to look around. Or, you know, read. Institutions that usually stay out of politics call for the Climate Arsonist to be stopped. Like the publication Scientific American — where the name says it all.

Climate Change is not just in Blue States

Trump in front of a US map colored red and blue

Wikipedia / PNG Guru

Remember Trump thought coronavirus would stay in blue states? Now does the Climate Arsonist think the climate crisis won’t spread either?

A desert planet

Dry cracked mud


If science won’t convince Trump, what about science fiction?

Luke Skywalker knows a climate arsonist when he sees one.

What’s really threatening our suburbs? Climate Change.

A street view of a house


It’s hard to know what Trump will think of next. But while the Climate Arsonist makes up threats, science shows us what the real ones are.

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