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Climate crisis is largely absent in presidential campaigns

Climate change is making 'unsurvivable' hurricanes like Laura harder to forecast

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A drumbeat of disasters across the country, including hurricanes in the Gulf, a derecho in the Midwest, and brutal fires along the Pacific coast, have barely impacted the presidential campaign, according to the AP.

While President Trump is loath to highlight another crisis — in addition to the pandemic, high unemployment, and social unrest — Democratic nominee Joe Biden is caught between reminding his progressive base that he does not embrace the most liberal elements of the Green New Deal and fear that an aggressive focus on climate change could alienate moderate voters.

The wildfires currently engulfing the West have already killed at least 15 people and burned 4.3 million acres (roughly the size of New Jersey) across 12 states with four months remaining in the fire season and the typical Southern California wildfire season just beginning.

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