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The election is coming. Do you have the ID you need to vote?

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When you go to vote, ID will be required in most states. Get ready to vote by finding out exactly what you will need, so you can be sure your voice will be heard on election day. And keep in mind that first-time voters may face added requirements.

Click here to find out what your state requires for identification. Then, whether you vote early or on election day, make sure you bring your voter ID with you when you go to your polling place.

If you are told you do not have proper identification, ask a poll worker forms of ID your state accepts. Different states have different voter ID laws. Some locations are very strict, others are less so: you may have something with you that qualifies, like a pay stub or utility bill.

Ask if you need to have your ID to vote on Election Day. Some states may allow you to come back and show your ID later.

If all else fails, ask to vote by Provisional Ballot. Some states will allow you to vote without ID by signing something under oath. More information on state by state provisional ballot rules can be found here.

What ID voters need is just one question voters may have. Check out Front Page Live’s #YourVote for more quick answers, and election news. This November 3 will be one of the most important elections in US history.

From the safety of mail-in ballots to what to do if you are not on the list at your polling place, Front Page Live has information to help you make sure your vote counts!

Scroll down for tools. Register to vote, check your registration, or sign up to vote by mail.

Check whether you are registered to vote:

Use this tool to make sure you are registered to vote.

Register to vote here:

Use this voter registration tool.

And remember, when you go to vote, ID will be required.

Request an absentee ballot here:

Request and absentee ballot using this tool.

Get an election day reminder here:

Ready to go vote? ID in your pocket? Make sure you don’t forget!

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