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Anti-Trump GOP group releases 2 killer ads to unseat Republican Senators in Montana and Alaska

Side by side photo of Bullock and Gross

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The Lincoln Project is the super PAC founded by a group of anti-Trump Republicans. They have released two new ads, but the President can breathe a sigh of relief. Trump is not the target this time. The two ads are short but visually powerful endorsements of Steve Bullock and Dr. Al Gross, Democratic-backed candidates for the Senate.

Twitter sounded the horn of approval

The Steve Bullock ad could double up as a travel commercial for visiting the state of Montana. It opens to shots of wild horses galloping over soaring plains. Montanans are known for their “independence” and their “strength.” As the narrator says, “strength,” the camera cuts to a bison pounding across the wild grass. Steve Bullock is presented as a man of the people, down to earth, tough and reliable. The narrator assures us that “in the U.S. Senate, he’ll show em what Montana strong looks like.”

Steve Bullock is a real man. Not one of these “do nothing, say nothing politicians” in Washington D.C. This is the message of the ad.

Bullock is up against GOP Steve Daines. The race is an unusual one, as Bullock is currently serving as Montana governor. It will be a close race to the finish line: recent Democratic polls show that Bullock’s approval ratings lead Daines by over 20 points.Β  Internal GOP polls suggest that Daines is still in the lead overall. Bullock is very strong on his pandemic handling. He was widely applauded for choosing to close the state when it began reopening in June.

Currently, Montana has one of the lowest outbreaks (it is 49th out of 50), with just 20 deaths. The two Steves will go head to head this November in the upcoming Senate elections.

He has quite the fan base on Twitter

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock

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He may have dropped out of the presidential race, but he still has a lot of fans.

If only we all had a Steve Bullock

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People in other states are ready to vote for Bullock as well.

Dr. Al Gross, ‘sure as hell ain’t a politician’

The Lincoln Project had a lot of material for their endorsement ad for Dr. Al Gross. He is a “big character for a big state,” with a glittering resume to earn him the Alaskan stamp of approval. He has tackled a grizzly bear, worked as a commercial fisherman, and now he serves his citizens as an orthopedic surgeon.

He is “not afraid to work hard, speak out, take chances.” He is independent and strong β€” just like Alaska, ends the narrator.

Dr. Al Gross will be running as an independent candidate. If he is elected, he will be the first of his kind in Alaska since 1906. Democrats are backing Gross to help them turn the state blue.

Gross will be vying for the seat of Republican Senate Dan Sullivan. He has said of his opponent: “Sullivan has very little do with Alaska. He doesn’t have deep roots like I do.” Gross is most concerned about public health policies. He explains his disillusion with the Republican Party came due to their “disdain for public health officials.”

He gets plenty of votes on Twitter

A laptop screen showing the Twitter logo

Screenshot / YouTube

Many see him as the remedy for what is ailing the state.

Twitter was divided on the Grizzly Bear reference

Close up shot of a bear's face


Not everyone was impressed with the Lincoln Project’s decision to highlight his tussle with a grizzly bear, however.

But those in Alaska understood why the group added it:

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