She's a fraud GOP group new ad why Susan Collins the worst has to go

‘She’s a fraud’: GOP group’s devastating new ad explains why Susan Collins is the worst and has to go

'Trump Stooge' Susan Collins is the worst. And it is time for her to go.

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The Lincoln Project’s new ad goes after Maine Senator Susan Collins — calling her a “Trump Stooge.”

The video starts with a quick reminder that “great, independent leaders rise” from the state of Maine. Leaders like Margaret Chase Smith who wasn’t afraid to stare down Joseph McCarthy. The ad quickly changes pace when it gets to Susan Collins, however.

“Maine is done with her weakness and excuses,” the narrator states.


The Lincoln Project video ends on a bold note: “It’s time for Susan Collins to go.”

There are plenty of reasons why the Maine Senator is receiving the Lincoln Project treatment.

Here are five reasons Susan Collins isn’t serving her constituents anymore…and is just a “Trump Stooge.”


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Senator Susan Collins seemed in favor of Trump’s impeachment back in February. But…she voted to acquit.

“This decision is not about whether you like or dislike this President or agree with or oppose his policies or approve or disapprove of his conduct in other circumstances,” she said. Before adding that Trump had “learned” his lesson.

Brett Kavanaugh

A photograph of Justice Brett Kavanaugh raging.

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Many Maine constituents made it clear they didn’t want Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. Collins voted in favor anyway.  Always styling herself as a pro-choice moderate Republican, she went ahead and voted for someone with the probable desire to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Betsy DeVos

Betsy Devos at an event

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It is true that Collins voted against Betsy DeVos as the nominee for education secretary. (Unfortunately, VP Pence broke the tie and confirmed DeVos.)

However, when in committee, Collins did not offer objections to DeVos. So…if she felt DeVos wasn’t fit for the job, why did she approve her in the first place?

Abbott Laboratories

Ten Reasons Susan Collins has to go 1

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Collins has a habit of ignoring the wishes of her constituents while heaping praise on her corporate donors. Abbot Laboratories gave Collins’ campaign $20,000 earning them three separate shout-outs from the Senator including thanking them in a campaign ad.

“I was so impressed by your dedicated employees who were making the next generation of diagnostics,” Collins wrote.

Trump’s tax bill

Trump standing in front of an American flag wearing a MAGA hat and giving a thumb's up


Collins voted to pass the Trump tax bill.

“I supported this legislation because it will help lower-income and middle-income families keep more of their hard-earned money, boost the economy and encourage businesses, both small and large, to grow and create jobs here in Maine and around the country,” she wrote in an op-ed.

Spoiler alert: It hurt homeowners and the middle class.

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