#WallAgainstTrump trends moms stand against Trump’s secret police video

#WallAgainstTrump trends after video of moms and vets standing against Trump’s secret police goes viral

'Completion date 11/03/2020': Twitter is building a #WallAgainstTrump

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Why do the media giants MeidasTouch call themselves after the mythological King with the golden touch? Because “the truth is golden.”

Their latest ad #WallAgainstTrump is certainly pure gold. They sent their tweet to the President’s twitter account, with the message:

Mothers, vets, nurses and dads hate you. In fact, everyone hates you. You are a disgrace to the country and you are in for a rude awakening this November.

To divide us

Militarized police response escalates already-tense protest situations, activists say

Mike Shaheen / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

The video opens with Trump declaring: “We’re going to build a wall. It’s going to be built” to a chorus of cheers. The camera pans over a towering segment of the wall on the Mexico-USA border. Bold text appears in capital letters:


The rousing background music gets louder. It’s the classic musical score played when the hero runs through the finishing line, or the soldiers walk victoriously into their hometown, or a child stands up to the playground bully.

Think Chariot of Fire with a twist. New text appears:


The narrator tells us that “moms, aunts, and grandmas have come out to downtown Portland” over footage of women in masks and carrying pickets flooding into the street to protest against Trump, and for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Trump’s divisive presidency has united mothers, war veterans, patriots, and civil rights leaders. The video reminds us that through some of the darkest times in the recent history of the United States, Americans have stood together. The uplifting and stirring music is interwoven with scenes of women, men, children, and people of all colors and ages standing strong against riot police and barricades.

Expect to feel every hair on your arms stand up.


There were goose pimples all over Twitter

A laptop screen showing the Twitter logo

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People loved the ad.

Respect for the Moms, Vets, and Nurses

A photograph of Utah Marine Todd Winn protesting in support of Black Lives Matter.

Screenshot / YouTube

There was plenty of respect to go around.

Trump thinks moms are scared of the protests, when they ARE the protests

A photograph of a Black Lives Matter sign

Flickr / Tony Webster

Nothing scarier than an angry mom…

The #WallAgainstTrump makes unity of division

Four hands gripping each other's wrists


Trump doesn’t want the country to unite.

Be another brick in the wall

A brick wall


Hey, Trump! Leave those kids alone.

Wall of votes against Trump: ‘Wall completion date: 11/03/2020’

Man holding a sign that says "Register early to vote"

Unsplash / Annie Bolin

MeidasTouch may have taken their wall metaphor from Portland. The recent Portland protests over racial injustice and economic inequality have sent headlines around the world.

Scenes of suburban moms, elderly veterans, and brave neighbors facing down riot police and teargas have roused the nation. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler went to talk down the protestors and was tear-gassed in the face. For the first time in history, the mayor then joined the protestors.

MeidasTouch brings out Twitter’s poets

Close up photo of the keys of an old fashioned typewriter


Trump probably won’t like these poems, though.

What other kinds of walls could Trump build?

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