Trump Sinks Presidency GOP group ad Twitter memes Titanic takedowns

‘Captain Trump Sinks Presidency’: GOP group’s new ad inspires Twitter memes and Titanic takedowns

Trump standing behind a podium

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If the Presidency of Donald Trump is a sinking ship, the Lincoln Project is punching holes in the side. The latest ad released by the group of anti-Trump Republicans is a chilling timeline of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States.

Donald Trump is shown as a grainy, floating head. Underneath him, a stark red line depicting the victims of COVID-19 crawls upwards. With each of his dismissive statements such as “It will go away with the heat” and “we have everything under control,” the line moves upwards. A toll of infections and deaths in the top left-hand corner changes so fast the numbers are almost too blurred to read.

As the President says: “We have done a tremendous job”, the counter shows: “31,573” cases.

Twitter threw Trump’s lifejacket overboard.


‘All he succeeds at is failure’

Trump has had 6 bankruptcies. Will America be number 7? 17

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The Lincoln Project ads have taken a multi-pronged approach in their attack against Trump’s Presidency. Some went for the heartstrings, holding up Dr.Fauci while exposing Trump’s lies. Others used the funny bone to make their message loud and clear. This latest ad: “Failure” is a simple mashup of the President’s public statements, versus the coronavirus timeline. The effect is chilling.

Lincoln Project reminded us: It didn’t have to be this way

A photograph of Hillary Clinton.

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The latest COVID-19 death toll in the United States stands at 144,305 Americans. If Trump had acted sooner in his response to the pandemic, studies show an estimated 54,000 lives could have been saved.

The Lincoln Project ad “Failure” juxtaposes the President’s casual responses in his public statements and breezy confidence, while the number of cases increased exponentially.

Twitter deplored the fact that it didn’t have to be this way.

If the President can’t control the pandemic, how can he handle the economy?

A black and white photograph of Donald Trump with a red mask added to his face. The mask reads Make America Great Again.

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Many users pointed out the tragedy of the fact that the United States was one of the best-prepared countries in the world for a pandemic. Yet it is now the global epicenter of infections and COVID-19 deaths. There was concern over how the economy could be righted if the virus could not be controlled?

A ‘Wartime President’ with ‘Spot the Elephant’ cognitive ability

Hundreds of elephants found dead in Botswana


The President has sought to present himself as a ‘Wartime President‘ fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Twitter users were quick to point out the irony of a draft-dodging wartime president.

The memory of Trump boasting about the cognitive test he passed in the disastrous Trump-Wallace interview was still fresh. During the interview on Fox News Sunday, the President spoke at length about the difficult questions towards the end of the interview. Chris Wallace reminded him one of the last questions on the test was to subtract 7 from 100.

Make America Grieve Again

Person holding a red paper with a sad face drawn on it


Is that what MAGA really stands for?

‘COVID is like a mass shooting’

A photograph of tombstones in a graveyard.


Some of the responses to the Lincoln Project ad highlighted the severity of the long-term implications of catching COVID-19.

As usual, Twitter lightened the mood

A laptop screen showing the Twitter logo

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The app can always be counted on to create a few laughs…even in the darkest of times.

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