'Don’t be a DeSantis’: New MeidasTouch ad #TrumpKillsFlorida trending

‘Don’t be a DeSantis’: New MeidasTouch ad has #TrumpKillsFlorida trending

'Don't be a DeSantis': New MeidasTouch ad has #TrumpKillsFlorida trending

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The newest MeidasTouch anti-Trump ad set its sights on the Sunshine State, where the infection rate has been skyrocketing. “Trump Kills Florida” flips between clips of Governor DeSantis, President Trump, and Floridians frolicking at the beach.

It opens with DeSantis speaking back in April, “Everyone in the media was saying Florida was going to be like New York or Italy and that has not happened!” By the end of the video, it is rapidly ticking up the number of Florida cases — proving just how wrong DeSantis was in following Trump’s lead.


DeSantis is Florida Man?

Photo of Rone DeSantis standing on a stage

Flickr/Gage Skidmore

Twitter wanted to remind other lawmakers not to be like “Florida Man” Ron DeSantis.

Wear a mask!

Stacks of facemasks


A public service message:

Taking care of seniors

Twitter ridicules Trump's picks to reopen the economy 3


The seniors would probably like a little less care from Trump and friends as it hasn’t been going so well.

Trump is leading them astray

A photograph of Donald Trump standing at a podium giving two thumb's up

Flickr / Gage Skidmore

Twitter users got right to the point.

But it isn’t his responsibility

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