the Greatest Generation: New anti-Trump ad aims for the jugular

‘Haven’t we asked enough of the Greatest Generation?’: New anti-Trump ad aims for the jugular

'Haven't we asked enough of the Greatest Generation?': New anti-Trump ad aims for the jugular

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The newest Lincoln Project ad once again slams Trump for his pitiful pandemic handling. It focuses on Trump’s willingness to sacrifice American lives for the sake of the economy — especially when those most vulnerable, the Greatest Generation, have already sacrificed so much.

It is a powerful message, one that could deal a real blow to Trump’s campaign. As Former Mayor of Chicago  Rahm Emmanuel recently pointed out on ABC’s This Week, it is a message that Vice President Joe Biden should capitalize on.

Seniors are the most vulnerable group because of what they think about the president and on economic terms and et cetera. If I was Joe Biden, I’d go after that senior vote to solidify. You have a window of opportunity. They’re open to listening.


He only cares about getting reelected

Trump Rally

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The President doesn’t seem to care much about anything except his ratings and numbers.

Ready to see some teeth

A photograph of an angry dog.


Many people were concerned that the strides being taken by the DNC are not up to par with the ads The Lincoln Project is putting out. They are ready for the Democrats to start showing some teeth.

Fighting Nazis again

A photograph of men marching with Nazi and Confederate flags.


The “Greatest Generation” already defeated the Nazis once…

Trump bows before Putin

Medium shot of Putin


Several users pointed out the lack of care Trump has shown for the troops during his time in the Oval Office.

Don’t forget his enablers

Side by side photos of Graham, McConnell, and Collins

The Other 98%

Trump wouldn’t be where he is without those enablers in the GOP.

The Greatest Generation deserves peace

Three elderly people taking a walk


They deserved more than paying for Donald Trump’s failures.

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