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‘I’m bawling my eyes out’: GOP group’s viral pro-Biden ad has Twitter in tears for what we’ve lost under Trump

Joe Biden at a rally

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The latest Lincoln Project video was released on Thursday. It runs through some of the powerful and uplifting moments delivered by recent presidents —both Democrat and Republican — before landing on the lack of decency and hateful rhetoric of the current occupant of the White House.

According to the group’s website, the ad will be airing in swing states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio. One of the co-founders of The Lincoln Project expressed why it was “imperative” that Biden is elected in November:

“Joe Biden is a strong, caring leader who can guide us out of the hell Americans find ourselves in.”

Twitter users apparently agree with this assessment. The video was shared over 20,000 times after only being up a couple of hours.


Many tears were shed

A little girl with a sad face


The overwhelming majority of responses included an admission of tears while watching the new ad.

America is currently lacking decency

Trump at one of his MAGA rallies

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Everyone is ready for a return to basic human decency.

It’s coming…

A photo of an ocean wave


The “Blue Wave” is headed straight for the White House, and The Lincoln Project is helping it pick up a lot of first-time voters on the way.

Getting your money’s worth

A jar of change spilling out on a white counter

Unsplash/Michael Longmire

Twitter users agree: money donated to the Lincoln Project is money well spent.

Plenty of reasons to support Biden

A photograph of Joe Biden speaking.

Flickr / Gage Skidmore

One user wanted to remind everyone that it isn’t just his decency that makes him qualified for the job.

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