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Will voters care about environmental issues during a pandemic? This webinar has answers.

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Editors note: This piece was produced in partnership with Earth Day Network. We hope you’ll click here to promise to Vote Earth in 2020.

If you’ve pledged to #VoteEarth, then we’ve got an event for you. And if you haven’t pledged yet—just click here (or scroll down for more info).

The event is free, online, and guaranteed to make you think about how you can prioritize the climate crisis at the polls.

Climate One, an organization that brings together leaders to talk about greener futures, is hosting an event called “Will Climate Matter in the Election?” It takes place on June 4, at 7:00 PM EST. According to the event description,

The 2020 elections have moved climate change to the political mainstage in ways Americans haven’t seen before. For the first time, candidates were competing to declare themselves “the climate candidate” and debated their action plans with compelling urgency. But with the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, skyrocketing unemployment, and an economic shutdown, climate once again threatens to get pushed to the political back burner.

The talk will take place between Vanessa Hauc and Nathaniel Stinnett.

Hauc is a senior correspondent at Noticias Telemundo. Much of her work focuses on environmental issues as they affect Latinx communities. In addition to her reporting, Hauc co-founded Sachamama https://sachamama.org/our-story/, an organization that works to “build support for a 100% clean energy economy for all, and sustainable attitudes, behaviors & lifestyles within Latinx community.”

Stinnett “founded the Environmental Voter Project in 2015 after over a decade of experience as a senior advisor, consultant, and trainer for political campaigns and issue-advocacy nonprofits.” He frequently draws from his leadership experience to speak on environmental issues. His work has appeared everywhere from WBUR to Buzzfeed.

With their diverse perspectives, these two climate advocates will have plenty to talk about. If you want to learn more about how environmental issues will affect the election, you can secure your ticket here.

It only takes a few seconds to vow to #VoteEarth

The Earth Day Network is running the Vote Earth campaign. Their aim is to mobilize people worldwide to prioritize the climate crisis while voting.

If you want to participate, it’s as simple as signing up here. Then, you just need to stay informed on candidates’ environmental policies.

And one easy way to do that is by attending events like the Climate One talk. If you get your news from experts like Hauc and Stinnett, you’ll be well-prepared to make smart decisions when voting for the planet’s future.

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