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Hey new grad! 7 places you can find work during the coronatimes

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The coronavirus has hit the US economy hard. And new grads are some of the most affected!

With unemployment claims topping over 36 million (triple the size of Los Angeles), job hunting will be the toughest it’s ever been. But the team at Front Page Live has got your back!

We’ve put together 7 of the best resources to help you land that job in corona times.

1. Upwork

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Upwork is a great place to find temporary freelance work. Upwork’s mission is to create economic opportunities so people can live better working lives. It’s a community that independent folks can find work via Upwork. You can find jobs in categories such as:

  • Software Development
  • Creative & Design
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Consulting
  • Operations
  • Customer Support

Those aren’t the only categories! There are 8,000 other skills that can be applied. And with more than 30% of the Fortune 500 using Upwork, it is a perfect opportunity for a new grad to make some money and build their portfolio (and potentially land a full-time gig!).

Check out Upwork’s freelance site here to learn more.

2. Instacart

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Being an Instacart shopper is an excellent opportunity to make some extra cash. It also helps those who can’t go to crowded places due to pre-existing conditions, disabilities, etc.

As a shopper, you pick up items and deliver them for customers and get paid for it. And since there are no set hours, you can work when you want.

The good thing is that they’re super flexible. Don’t have a car? You can be an in-store shopper.

Click here to learn more about being an Instacart shopper.

*Being an Instacart shopper can put you at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19, please do your research before accepting a position!

3. LinkedIn Job boards

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LinkedIn is an extremely powerful tool. And if you want to get specific about your job search, this is the first place you should go.

LinkedIn is one of the largest job boards in the world. And with more opportunities for remote positions, the job search can be fruitful.

Hop over to LinkedIn Jobs and get specific about where you want to work and who you want to work for. LinkedIn has a ton of tools like interview prep and salary insights. That way, you’re prepared for your interview, but also know what you should be getting paid.

Click here to learn more about LinkedIn Jobs.

4. Udemy

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Can’t find a job specifically for your skills? Fine. Let’s learn another one!

Udemy is the largest online learning destination that helps students, businesses, and governments gain the skills they need to compete in today’s economy. More than 50 million students are mastering new skills from expert instructors teaching over 150,000 online courses in topics from programming and data science to leadership and team building.

And the courses are cheap! They have weekly blitz sales where $150 courses sell for $10.99. (NEVER BUY AT FULL PRICE!)

Blitz sales are regular, so create an account, so you get notified about it right away.

Click here to learn more about Udemy.

5. Non-Profits

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Non-profits are a great place if you want to build experience.

Places like Idealist connect people who want to do good with opportunities for action all over the world.

They’re the number one resource for helping people find jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities with nonprofit organizations.

Today, they’re used by more than 110,000 organizations around the world and millions of people every month.

Also, check out our website and subscribe to our newsletter, where we post non-profit job opportunities weekly:


6. Start a business

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It’s never been an easier time to start an online business. And if you’ve been struggling for work and can’t find the job that’s for you, why waste any more time?

Use resources like LegalZoom on how to approach each type of business. Want to start an eCommerce business? Dig through Udemy and find some courses on how to launch one.

Sign up for business newsletters like The Hustle, Morning Brew, and 2 PM so you can always pounce on the next business idea.

7. Indeed

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Indeed is THE largest job board on the planet. They have built an incredible resource for the corona times.

Their mission is solely to help people find jobs. They actively update their job board. They also help with advice, provide resources, and access to their community. That way, you are always on top of your game.

You can browse a list of companies hiring now, sign up for free webinars that help you prep, or reach out to the highly engaged community.

Check out Indeed’s resources here.

It’s hard out there. And we get it. You’re going to have to work harder than you ever have before to stand out and to find the perfect fit for you. Use these resources to get a leg up!

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