Twitter falls for Costco manager schooled maskless MAGA clown

‘Slow. Effing. Clap’: Twitter falls for Costco manager who schooled maskless MAGA clown

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It is not only common courtesy to cover up one’s face to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, but in some places, it is required. Yet, that wasn’t apparent for one right-wing Costco shopper.

“I’m not doing it because I woke up in a free country,” this shopper whined on his cell-phone camera after a Costco employee asked him to put a mask on, in accordance with company policy.

The employee even introduced himself, saying, “Hi everyone, I work for Costco and I’m asking this member to put on a mask because that is our company policy.” Identified as Tison on his work badge, the employee then took the cart away from the shopper, telling him, “You need to leave.”

Costco Tison quickly became a Twitter sensation.

Tison needs a raise

Plenty of people thought the way the employee handled the situation was evidence that he needed a raise.

Tison was not impressed

The guy creating the video tried to threaten Tison with internet shame. He claimed to have 3,000 Instagram followers.

Tison earns some fans

The exchange earned #CostcoTison a whole slew of fans, and it even earned Costco itself a few.

Reddit Public Freakout

But even after social media users condemned the arrogant shopper, he responded.

“What up everybody, it’s your favorite Reddit Public Freakout fuckin’ villain!” he said. “This isn’t about wearing a mask. This is about control, ok?”

He buried himself deeper into the hole, saying, “I’m the only one that sticks out from all of you fuckin’ liberals.” He added, “And yes this is a partisan issue.”

Other Costco employees join the conversation

An employee at the Costco replied to the irate shopper on Reddit, saying, “Costco isn’t affiliated with the government so exactly what partisan control is happening in the store that’s taking over your life so badly that you are losing the ability to live freely? It’s private property, not owned by Colorado or federal government.”

Later, Tison actually thanked everyone on Twitter for their support. He was met with internet cheers.

All hail Tison!

Twitter was happy to show Tison some love…

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