Twitter mocks Eric Trump coronavirus magically disappear Election Day

Twitter mocks Eric Trump for claiming coronavirus will ‘magically’ disappear after Election Day

A screenshot of Jeannine Pirro interviewing Eric Trump.

Screenshot / Fox News

Eric Trump claims the coronavirus pandemic will vanish after Election Day.

According to Eric, COVID-19, the disease which has already killed nearly 90,000 Americans, is being hyped by Democrats to keep Trump from holding his rallies. “After November 3rd,” he told Fox News host Jeanine Pirro, “coronavirus will magically, all of a sudden, disappear and go away.”

Twitter users seem to wish Eric Trump would disappear and go away.

Daddy issues

A photograph of Donald Trump's head floats among images of coronavirus cells.

COURIER Illustration

Enough about coronavirus. What is the pandemic doing to Daddy?

Remember in November

A photograph of a voter polling station.


Eric Trump is right that we should look at deaths from COVID-19 in terms of the election — when we remember who DIDN’T protect us…

Neat trick!

A man smoking, drinking, and gambling

Radu Florin / Unsplash

Hey, if Democrats can get the whole world to go along, that’s proof they should be running the U.S.

Consider the source…

A photograph of Eric Trump.


Before we blindly believe Eric, what do we already know about him?

The proof is in the pudding

A photograph of Stephanie Ruhle.

Daily Beast

Stephanie Ruhle, the host of MSNBC’s Modern Ruhles, asks an obvious question:

If it’s just a hoax, what are you all scared of?

If only

A photograph of the security fence around a prison.


If this were true, coronavirus wouldn’t be the only thing to vanish from public view.

Why is this even on television?

Cartoon television with the Fox News logo on the screen

Canva / Fox News

Twitter users weigh in on the purpose of Fox News.

Get your story straight

A photo of a half built border wall


Maybe Eric is just thinking of the wrong hoax.

Eric needs to pay closer attention to make sure he is hearing the words right.

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