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How to vote during a pandemic? Listen to Kentucky!?!

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How will America vote during a pandemic? Maybe Kentucky has the answers.

Yes, the state that brought you anti-democracy mavens like Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul has reached a bipartisan agreement on how to vote — at least for their June 23rd primary. And that’s not only good news for Kentuckians, but could very well serve as a model of fairness for other states.

Here’s what is changing and how it happened…

Ignore Wisconsin

GOP forces Wisconsin voters to risk  COVID-19 infection to elect a judge who will limit their voting rights

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Democratic Governor Andy Beshear and Republican Secretary of State Michael G. Adams worked together to change Kentucky’s strict election rules to make it easier to vote.

Expands vote-by-mail – for ALL voters

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Now everyone in Kentucky who wants to vote by mail can vote by mail. However, those requiring in-person voting — such as those with disabilities — still can show up at their polling stations.

Not wanting to die IS a medical emergency

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Kentucky is one of 16 states that has required an excuse to vote absentee. Now anyone who doesn’t want to venture out because of fear of the coronavirus can use “medical emergency” as their reason. The 72,000 deaths (and counting) should make that pretty obvious.

Online portals and postcards

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Kentucky will create an online portal for voters to request their absentee ballot. That will decrease the paperwork for their county clerks. Yes, voters can still ask for their absentee ballots in the old fashioned way.

Every voter in the state will also receive a postcard to update them on the new procedures. It isn’t a perfect system, however. If the postcards are returned as “undeliverable”, Kentucky can use that excuse as the first step in “cleaning up their voter rolls.” A move that often disenfranchises minorities.

Ballot tracing

Kentucky's voter fraud is a fraud

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The state will trace every absentee ballot. That will appease the Republican concern of fraud — which, incidentally barely exists in our elections. Republicans like to make a case for voter fraud but it’s just another attempt at voter suppression.

Unlike the Wisconsin postmarking shenanigans, Kentucky absentee ballots must be postmarked by Election Day. However, they can arrive up to four days later. This way, voters aren’t denied a voice because of post office delays.

Appointment voting

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Early voting in-person has also been expanded to two weeks before the primary and, to ensure it’s not crowded, citizens can even make an appointment. It’s imperative that the pandemic doesn’t cost even one person an opportunity to cast their ballot.

Hold on a second, though…

The GOP is still up to its usual tricks. Kentucky Republican legislators are the same group of people who — during a pandemic — pushed through a new photo ID requirement that just so happens to go into effect just in time for November’s election.

Let’s hope that the state can expand these new primary rules to the general election. There’s no reason not to.

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