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Even conservative groups are demanding vote-by-mail!

Even conservative groups are demanding vote-by-mail!

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It isn’t just Democrats who feel being forced to brave crowds to vote on Election Day during a pandemic is a choice nobody should have to make. Republicans for the Rule of Law plans to spend $1 million on two ads asking the GOP to support funds for mail-in voting in the next coronavirus relief package.

The ads will begin airing Sunday during Trump’s Fox News town hall.

A token sum won’t hack it

Moscow Mitch doesn't want witnesses at the Senate trial because that will likely mean conviction

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House Democrats asked for a very modest $2 billion to help states expand their vote-by-mail programs. They got a fraction of that.

Out of the $2.2 trillion relief package, just $400 million went to vote-by-mail programs. That averages out to just $8 million per state.

In the words of a baffled demonstrator in Wisconsin who wore a mask and carried a sign mocking the state for holding an election during a  lethal pandemic  “This is ridiculous!”

It’s not the fraud, it’s the lies

The President earns four Pinocchios from fact-checkers for his lies about chloroquine miracle cure 1

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Trump continues to lie — not falsely claim, outright LIE — that mail-in voting leads to voter fraud.

A 2017 study from the Brennan Center for Justice found the rate of voter fraud in America was between 0.00004% and 0.0009%.

Asked about the absentee ballot he sent in for the Florida primary, Trump said it that was fine “because I’m allowed to” vote by mail.

More projecting

King Trump demotes health expert for not backing deadly drug

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Would you like to see some absentee ballot fraud? Then check out the 2018 House election in North Carolina that was rigged for… drum roll, please!… the Republican!

Google “Mark Harris crying” and you’ll see what the cheater looks like. Oh, and they had to re-do the election—an excellent use of taxpayer dollars!

A quarter of Americans already did

Obama prepared for a potential pandemic. Trump gutted his work. 1

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In 2016, nearly 25% of all voters cast their ballot by mail. Many of them for Donald J. Trump.

Nonetheless, Trump just can’t stop whining about fake injustices:  

“Mail ballots, they cheat, people cheat. Mail ballots are very dangerous thing for this country because they’re cheaters. They go and collect them. They’re fraudulent in many cases.”

“The mail ballots are corrupt, in my opinion. You get thousands and thousands of people sitting in somebody’s living room signing ballots all over the place.”

Sounds like someone is scared of democracy. Which makes sense since he’s spent the past three and a half years trying to dismantle it.

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