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It’s still early but Biden needs to connect more with Latinos

Trump paper towels


According to a new poll, only half of Latinos would currently vote for Joe Biden. The other half apparently forgot who the current President is…

No Joe for Latinos?

Actually, I lied. It’s not even half of Latinos. It’s 49%. 17% said they’d choose Trump. The remaining 34% are still, remarkably, undecided.

“While Trump does not appear to be gaining traction, Latinos appear to be giving him the benefit of the doubt during an unprecedented pandemic.” –Albert Morales, senior political director of Latino Decisions.

In order to take the White House, Democrats need to do much better than 50%. Obama won 71% of the Latino vote in 2012, and Hillary netted 66% in 2016.

In the same poll, just 50% of Latinos view Biden favorably. 24% view him unfavorably.


Joe’s numbers get a significant bump should he choose Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto as his vice president. In that case, 67% of registered Latino voters would be more likely to support him — in striking distance of the support needed from that pivotal demographic.

Quick Trump Latino reminder…

  • called Mexicans rapists
  • is trying to stop all Central American immigration (See “Caravan”)
  • said that Mexico would be paying for a wall to keep out Mexicans
  • thought that all the U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico needed after Hurricane Maria destroyed their island was a few rolls of paper towels condescendingly tossed to them as if he were shooting free-throws
  • said a judge should recuse himself from a case solely because of his Mexican heritage
  • pardoned Joe Arpaio – the Arizona sheriff who illegally used “extreme racial profiling and sadistic punishments that involved the torture, humiliation and degradation of Latino inmates.”

“He is killing us and not testing us and we’re losing jobs, and he’s taking care of insiders.” – Henry Muñoz, co-founder of SOMOS Community Care

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