Ex-Fox reporter debunks Trump hunch coronavirus policy shocking charts

Ex-Fox reporter debunks Trump’s hunch-based coronavirus policy with shocking charts

03/26/2020 10:52 am ET Samantha Weller
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Lombardi, Italy is no longer the globe’s most coronavirus-infected city in the world as that terrifying distinction is now shared between New York City and Madrid, Spain.

Thanks to Trump’s hunch-based coronavirus policy, the United States is on the fast-track towards being the worst-affected nation. Carl Cameron, Front Page Live co-founder and ex-Fox News reporter, breaks down the flaws in the President’s approach in his latest video explainer.

New York’s decline

Shocking charts of coronavirus spread

Screenshot/Financial Times

This graphic by the Financial Times shows the Coronavirus trajectory in NYC careening toward the fastest spread anywhere in the world.

Cameron points out that NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s fact-based daily briefings on national TV have given Americans a strong example of responsible and responsive crisis leadership based on facts and science.

Trump’s guidance of lies

Shocking charts of coronavirus spread 1

Screenshot/Financial Times

By contrast, Trump is sharing what he has described as hunches while ignoring the physical distancing his administration is warning us to obey, and Trump continues asserting that the pandemic will be quickly crushed—which couldn’t be farther than the truth.

In the video, Cameron highlights the graphics from the Financial Times which show multiple nations are still incubating with viral curves as bad as Italy’s.

Dealing with the crisis

Trump admin. sent health workers to receive infected Coronavirus patients without protective gear


People globally are growing impatient, anxious, and scared for themselves and others. The Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization are providing advice to guide everyone during these times, which politicians must also listen to and follow.

As Cameron says, ” politicians or anyone ignoring science and espousing hunches are the modern equivalent of Typhoid Mary.”

During these times, people should focus on remaining calm, listening to only the advice of medical experts, and talking to close friends and family to keep them calm.

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