Twitter polishes Fox women economy restarted to get roots touched up our nails done

Twitter polishes off Fox for saying women want economy restarted to ‘get our roots touched up and our nails done’

03/26/2020 1:50 pm ET Dara Brewton
Former GOP Rep blasts Republican senator for disrespecting Pelosi

Source: Screenshot/YouTube

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Ex-GOP Representative Joe Scarborough was not holding back on Thursday morning’s episode of Morning Joe where he lashed out at the administration for shrugging off the lives of America’s senior citizens.

Trump’s recent pronouncement that he hopes to have things “raring to go” by Easter Sunday flies directly in the face of the advice given by scientists and epidemiologists. The experts are arguing for continued self-isolation around the country, but there are some who are following the President’s lead—like the Lt. Governor of Texas.

Who’s being abandoned?

Scarborough wanted to put a name and a face to the people Trump is suggesting we offer up as a sacrifice. Those vulnerable citizens include the veterans of WWII as well as the Korean and Vietnam wars. They are your grandmothers and grandfathers.

“Right now these conservatives are making Democrats who are pro-choice actually look more pro-life because they’re only worried about the unborn.”

The MSNBC host was aghast that “the party of life” would argue to “let senior citizens die because they are no longer productive.” Co-host Mika Brzezinski pointed out that “the president’s a senior citizen.” as well.

On the other side

Over on Fox News, Ainsley Earhardt is worried that women will have clothes they can’t return.

She graciously admits that “it is not a priority” and acknowledges “people are dying” before complaining that her friends can’t get their nails done.

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