Sanders mocks Trump coronavirus incompetence great scientist said it would end April’

Sanders mocks Trump’s coronavirus incompetence: ‘This great scientist said it would end in April’

02/26/2020 7:21 am ET Sunny Hundal
Every Democratic candidate still beats Trump, new national poll shows

Source: Wikimedia/Kremlin

At the Democratic debate in Charleston on Tuesday night, frontrunner Bernie Sanders mercilessly mocked Trump’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

He told the audience:

“In the White House today, we have a self-described great genius — self-described — and this great genius has told us that this coronavirus is going to end in two months.”

“April is the magical day that this great scientist we have in the White House has determined — I wish I was kidding, that is what he said.”

Bernie Sanders isn’t exaggerating.

Just a few weeks ago, President Trump was telling US officials and the public that the Coronavirus would be gone by April because of the heat.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) later issued a statement contradicting that claim.

Bernie Sanders added last night:

“Obviously, we have to make sure the CDC, the NIH, our infectious departments, are fully funded.”


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