In charge of pandemic response! Trump hires 23 year-old college senior as a top official

Trump hires 23 year-old college senior as a top official during coronavirus crisis. Twitter melts down.

02/26/2020 10:21 am ET Sunny Hundal
The White House

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The White House has hired a college senior — a 23-year-old with little government experience – as one of the top officials in Trump’s team.

Worse, as Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI) pointed out, “THESE ARE THE PEOPLE IN CHARGE OF PANDEMIC RESPONSE” to the coronavirus.

Why is a 23-year-old college senior been hired by the Trump administration? Because the administration is searching around not for experienced and well-regarded officials, but those who swear complete loyalty to Trump.

“James Bacon, 23, is acting as one of the right-hand men to new PPO director John McEntee, according to the officials,” Politico reports. They continue with his not-so-extensive resume:

Bacon, a senior at George Washington University pursuing a bachelor’s degree, comes from the Department of Transportation, where he briefly worked in the policy shop. Prior to that role, while still taking classes, he worked at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, where he was a White House liaison, according to two other officials.”

Response to the news wasn’t exactly … positive.

1 Help wanted

10 Jobs for Good 18

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Where have all the good resumes gone?

2 He has the best people

Yelling Angry Telephone Employee

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It is only a matter of time.

3. Bringing the networking skills

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He is probably the life of the MAGA networking mixer.

4. Like, are you even qualified, bro?

bro guy sunglasses millenial

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Maybe they will release the interview questions.

5. He likes to hang with the cool kids

Trump Pence McConnell Oval Office Thumb's Up

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Maybe Trump is just trying to get invited to college parties?

6. Can you believe it?

Trump Crazy Hair

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Because all of his hiring decisions so far have been so stellar…

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