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Trump’s clueless Homeland Secretary can’t answer simple questions about US coronavirus readiness (VIDEO)

02/25/2020 4:17 pm ET Dara Brewton
Homeland Secretary Chad Wolf

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Once again, the Trump administration has proven itself to be woefully unprepared to handle the jobs they have been given to do.

On Tuesday, the acting Homeland Secretary Chad Wolf couldn’t answer even the simplest of questions regarding the government’s readiness to address the threat coronavirus poses to the American people.

This is only the latest in the many ways the Trump administration has bungled its efforts to protect public health.

1. The homeland isn’t very secure

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The acting Homeland Security Secretary doesn’t seem to have a very good handle on the situation. He failed to answer most, if not all, of the of the questions put to him on Tuesday.

Senator Kennedy (R-LA) exclaims, “You’re supposed to keep us safe” when Wolf couldn’t answer his questions.

2. Spreading misinformation

Donald Trump Grimace

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On Monday, Trump is tweeting that coronavirus is “very much under control in the USA.”

But on Tuesday, the CDC is issuing warnings that Americans should be preparing for the worst.

3. Again…

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Trump isn’t the only one spreading misinformation.

On Tuesday, National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow went on CNBC claiming that the virus was locked up “air tight” and there wouldn’t be an “economic tragedy.”

Keep in mind, this interview took place on the exact same day that Jefferies investment bank warned its clients that coronavirus would “significantly rattle markets.”

4. And again…

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Earlier in February, Trump was tweeting about how the warmer spring weather will be the death of the virus—assuring everyone that all is well.

Unfortunately, the experts don’t agree with his optimism stating that not enough is known about coronavirus to make those types of speculations.

“We don’t really understand the basis of seasonality, and of course we know we absolutely nothing about this particular virus.”

5. And again…

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Trump isn’t the only one wearing rose-colored glasses when it comes to his coronavirus outlook.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross recently went on Fox Business to talk about the good side of the outbreak: it would bring jobs back to the U.S.

Ross’s economic outlook hasn’t quite made it over to the markets, however. The Dow was down 1000 points on Monday.

6. Cutting funds to the CDC

Virus Pandemic CDC

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Trump has crippled the CDC since taking office by repeatedly cutting funding to important programs.

While he may be busy begging Congress for money now that there are 34 infected people stateside, it wasn’t that long ago (just two weeks ago) that he was talking about slashing their budget another 16%.

All those cuts take their toll and lead to things like the release of faulty coronavirus tests.


7. Firing the pandemic response team

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In 2018, Trump got rid of the global health security unit within the NSC and the DHS epidemic team. Then he never replaced them.

Pushing out those important people was another one of his temper tantrums—an attempt to remove all trace of former President Obama’s legacy.

8. Failing to take advice

Cruise Ship Boat Ocean Travel Virus

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Trump likes to pretend that he knows more about everything than everyone which is likely why he refuses to heed the advice of experts.

Whether it is an Ebola response coordinator telling him his administration needs to be prepared to handle a pandemic or the CDC telling him not to put infected cruise ship passengers on a plane with healthy folks, Trump lets it go in one ear and out the other.

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