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Republicans ghost Oregon, again

02/25/2020 3:26 pm ET Molly Taft
Oregon State Capitol

Source: Wikimedia

Republican lawmakers walked out of the state Capitol Monday ahead of a vote on a cap-and-trade bill, depriving Democrats of the quorum needed to hold a vote as the Senate enters its final two weeks of the legislative session.

In June, all 12 Republican state senators staged a walkout to avoid voting on a similar bill, with some fleeing to Idaho and hunkering down in cabins for a full week. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown had to threaten to dispatch state police to round them up and bring them back to vote.

Republicans say Democrats did not take their input into account in drafting the current bill, which would cut state emissions 45 percent by 2035 and 80 percent by 2050, and that the legislation should be put before voters to decide.

“If they don’t like a bill, then they need to show up and change it, or show up and vote no,” Brown said at a news conference Monday.

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