Does Louisiana's Miss Oyster think about climate change?

Does Louisiana’s Miss Oyster think about climate change?

02/24/2020 11:56 pm ET Molly Taft

As crucial crops and commodities like shellfish, rice and cotton change with extreme weather and rising temperatures, Louisianans are rallying around a pageant queen tradition honoring their unique state products, the New York Times reports.

The Times profiled several pageant queens in Louisiana who were crowned in honor of agricultural products and other state goods – a tradition dating back 70 years – with titles including Miss Shrimp and Petroleum, Queen Cotton, Miss Rice, and Miss Teen Cracklin.

The Times reports that the queens don’t specifically talk about how climate change and coastal erosion threaten some of their industries much, but there is a sense of community around the traditions in the face of change.

“If there’s one thing I’m sure you all know about Louisiana, it’s that if we are headstrong about a certain commodity, we tend to stick together on it,” pageant coach Alison Pisani told the Times. “So I feel that, even if something were to lessen, let’s say the shrimp, I don’t think that would change.”

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