'Weaponizing the Secret Service': Another Trump election-stealing tactic?

‘Weaponizing the Secret Service’: Another Trump election-stealing tactic?

  • 02/14/2020 9:37 am ET Samantha Weller

Trump advisers hope that Manchester rally disrupts Democrats before primary voting

On the eve of primary voting in New Hampshire, Trump held a rally in Manchester in an attempt to “shake up the Dems.”

Trump makes every effort possible to prevent his opponents from gaining momentum in other states, not hesitating to bring up their history of losses, or even old conspiracy theories.

According to the AP, Trump told supporters to back the “weakest” Democratic candidate and brought up the conspiracy theory that he lost the state in 2016 because people voted illegally in that primary. However, he may have had a more nefarious reason for holding a rally in Manchester on Monday night:

“Advisers hoped that Secret Service moves in downtown Manchester to secure the area for the president’s arrival would also make it harder for Democratic candidates and their supporters to transverse the state’s largest city in the hours before the primary’s first votes are cast”

“Weaponizing the Secret Service” can now be added to the list of ways the Trump team is willing to cheat their way to an election win—a list that already encompasses jamming Democratic phone lines all the way to coercing other countries to dig up dirt on his opponents.

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