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Center Action Now: Disgruntled Republicans are the focus of new anti-Trump voter group

  • 02/14/2020 5:36 pm ET Brian Frazer
'His lies aren't working': Latest polls show majority of likely voters want Trump removed from office

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Trump and his cronies have been begging his Republicans to cross over and vote in Democratic primaries so that King Donald faces off against the weakest possible candidate in November.

Thankfully, a new center-right organization is fighting back. Center Action Now’s, Tim Miller, a former Jeb Bush staffer, is attempting to get disenchanted center-right voters to do some crossing over of their own. Many are interested in switching their party registrations and picking a moderate Democrat in Nevada’s caucus that would be far more palatable than Trump.

A deep pool of disgruntled

Center Action Now won’t be pushing any specific Democrat to their constituents. The purpose is to educate moderate voters about the Nevada caucus process. Exactly how large a base is up for debate. According to Miller, there are approximately 360,000 registered nonpartisans in Nevada, and he estimates that 10-15% of the roughly half a million registered Republicans want a non-Trump alternative.

You can read the entire memo here.  

Key Quotes

“The voters we’re talking to, they’re not happy with the state of the Republican Party. They’re not happy with the president. So we’re educating them to get involved in the Democratic process so they can back a candidate they can be happy about and that they can support.”

“Anti-Trump conservative voters have a clear interest in the Democrats nominating a standard-bearer who is both ideologically tolerable — even if there are major differences on policy — and more likely to defeat the President and allow the Republican Party to move beyond Donald Trump.”

What you can do

Direct any Republican moderates you may know in Nevada to, the Democratic National Committee’s voter registration website.

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