Trump hoping voters don't notice he officially declared the economy is in 'serious' trouble

Trump is hoping voters don’t notice he just officially declared the economy is in ‘serious’ trouble

  • 02/13/2020 7:24 am ET Shaan Chagan
Trump’s cutting pay for millions because of 'Serious Economic Conditions.'

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Trump usually insists the US economy has been “strong” on his watch—even though U.S. manufacturing is in recession, the debt is soaring, and wage growth has been slow.

But on Monday, Trump publicly declared we are in the midst of “national emergency or serious economic conditions affecting the general welfare.”

Why would he assert he has been disastrous steward of the economy? To justify slashing an already minuscule pay raise for millions of civilian federal workers.

So Trump’s declaration is purely cynical. He wants to screw over federal workers—while hoping voters don’t notice he just officially declared the economy is either in “serious” trouble or an actual “emergency.”

So we can expect that he will just keep pushing on Twitter what he officially says is lie—that the economy is doing great.

Trump’s White House intends to cut a 2.5 percent pay raise for federal workers that was slated for 2021 down to just 1 percent.

Since Trump has stated that we have a national economic emergency on our hands, he is authorized to implement “alternative plans for pay adjustments.”

The truth is the economy is in serious trouble. Many sectors like manufacturing are weak. Also, running up a huge debt is the same blueprint as Trump’s failed businesses and 6 bankruptcies.

Will America be the next one to go under?

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