‘Do not fall for the con’ Chris Hayes riff Trump ‘is not a colossus’ but ‘weak and beatable’

‘Do not fall for the con’: Chris Hayes’ great riff that Trump ‘is not a colossus’ but ‘weak and beatable’

  • 02/13/2020 11:36 am ET Shaan Chagan
Trump speaking into a microphone

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MSNBC’s Chris Hayes had a simple message for jittery Democrats Monday: ‘Calm down and focus. Trump is beatable.’

“Do not fall for the con,” he says in a brilliant riff that all worried Dem should see (below).

Trump has been a con man his whole life—deceiving business partners, stiffing contractors, duping customers at Trump University…. It’s who he is.

Now he’s the Grifter-In-Chief. Here are 10 times Trump has conned or tried to con voters.

1. Hayes: “He wants you to believe that he’s strong, but he’s not”

Hayes wants voters to remember stories of “Trump being ascendant” are “overstating the case.”

Trump would be happy if everyone goes on fearing and dreading that he is going to be reelected. Hayes says he is even banking on that fear, but in reality, most Americans wanted the Senate “to kick the guy out of office.”

Plus, Hayes reminds viewers, Trump is only polling at 44%.

“The lesson of that is he is weak. He’s beatable. He wants you to believe that he’s strong, but he’s not…. He’s a con man.”

2. ‘Backstabbing’ PA farmers with his trade war

'He's backstabbing us': Farmers in Pennsylvania say Trump's trade war is hurting them

Screenshot / CNN

Many Pennsylvania farmers voted for Trump because they banked on the promises he made to them on the campaign trail.

After his disastrous trade war with China started eeking into their profits, the farmers were feeling a little disgruntled:

“I think he’s sort of backstabbing the main people who got him in to office in the midwest. All those midwest states helped to vote him in and also Pennsylvania, and he’s just let us down.”

3. Promising to bring back factory jobs

6 ways Trump is conning his voters 2

Source / Unsplash

Trump promised to bring back jobs across the midwestern states. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Major states across the country are losing manufacturing jobs.

Many workers blame the President’s trade policies for the negative impact.

In a recent Wall Street Journal survey, economists believe that the manufacturing sector is in a recession.

The job market data found that the number of job postings for the largest manufacturing occupations has fallen nationwide. Jobs for production managers are down 72%, machine operators 64%, and assembly line workers 32%.

4. Selling out corn farmers

6 ways Trump is conning his voters 3

Source / Unsplash

Iowa farmers pushed back on a promise made by Trump to review a national program that gives waivers to small refineries that don’t add ethanol to their gasoline.

Instead, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) decided to issue new waivers to fuel producers signaling that Trump wasn’t listening.

“I was equally shocked when I learned that there were 31 small refinery exemptions” issued to plants owned by major companies, CEO of Quad County Corn Processors remarked. This is really testing the patience of farmers especially since they have been hit hard by the tariffs from Trump’s trade war.

“Right now what we’re seeing from this administration is a dogged approach to allow the biggest fossil fuel players an opportunity to put more money in the back pockets of their large shareholders and take that money out of the pockets of hardworking farmers right here in Iowa,” Rep. Cindy Axne (D-Iowa) stated.

5. Lying to dairy farmers

6 ways Trump is conning his voters 4

Source / Unsplash

Not too long ago, Trump was bragging on Twitter about Farmer’s reaping all the benefits from his Presidency.

Trump’s Department of Agriculture Secretary Jim Perdue from Perdue Farms—which generates annual sales of $6.7 billion—attended the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin and had this statement, “In America, the big get bigger and the small go out. I don’t think in America we, for any small business, we have a guaranteed income or guaranteed profitability.”

Perdue’s advice for the struggling farmers: get “off-farm jobs in order to survive.”

Wisconsin may have to change it’s iconic “America’s Dairyland” license plates because it is losing farms at an alarming rate. 551 dairy farms were lost in 2019.

6. Lying to miners

6 ways Trump is conning his voters 1

Source / Unsplash

A big proponent of Donald Trump’s campaign was a pledge to save fossil fuels. He even stated a year ago at a West Virginia rally that, “the coal industry is back.”

But, that’s not the case. More coal-fired power plants were shut down under Trump in his first two years than Obama’s entire first term. Cecil Roberts, United Mine Workers of America President, pointed a finger at Trump stating that he was exaggerating his efforts.

“Coal’s not back. Nobody saved the coal industry.”

Robert says that all of Trump’s efforts are not going to just keep the coal industry afloat. The whole industry is still shrinking as more jobs continue to be lost.

Trump’s own Energy Information Administration (EIA) projected coal production to hit a four-decade low in 2019 and drop again in 2020. Roberts has begged Trump to give them some time and consideration, to discuss the issues that they are facing in the dying industry.

7. Tricking the working class

6 ways Trump is conning his voters 6

Source / Unsplash

Somehow, Trump was able to gain support from the working class.

What he has done is sell them on the dream…even as they lose money at his casinos and get scammed at Trump University.

His campaign was designed to attract the working-class Americans and get them to vote against their economic self-interest by pitting them against “the three most dangerous voices in America: academic elites, political elites, and media elites.”

Trump led 64 million Americans to believe that his election would benefit them and their families.

8. Blocking progressive policies that help all voters

Electoral College members can defy voters' wishes, court rules

Source: Wikimedia

Trump made a lot of promises to his voters, especially when it came to healthcare.

One such promise: “We’re going to have insurance for everybody.” But that is another one that has failed to materialize.

Trump and the GOP continually block progressive policies even though studies have shown those policies “actually help keep people alive.” These policies not only include health benefits but also things like increasing the minimum wage.

The states that could benefit from those policies the most? Red ones.

9. Taking away healthcare

Texas GOP Senator unwittingly makes the case for Medicare For All

Flickr / Molly Adams

Since taking office, Trump has yanked healthcare from 340,000 children living in the very same states that voted for him in the 2016 election.

Overall, 4 million kids can thank the current administration for their loss of benefits.

And that isn’t all. They have plans to make it even harder for Americans to get coverage. The Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to stop them, however, even getting the Supreme Court involved.

Sneaky Trump is trying to keep the challenge from being heard until after the election.

10. Claiming to be a self-made man

6 ways Trump is conning his voters 5

Source / Unsplash

Ask any group of Americans to describe Trump, and several will say he is a self-made billionaire and a business tycoon.

People are simply misinformed by Trump’s lies. Sadly, a large amount of the public believes his myth.

Of course, Trump being self-made is completely false. He consistently downplays his father’s helping hand in his success.

Trump often claims that he received only a $1 million dollar loan. Turns out, the money he received is valued at more than $413 million today.

Now, many would assume that Trump would have developed great “business acumen” coming from a family like his, but his 6 bankruptcies probably speak more to the truth.

11. He’ll stop the endless wars

Trump embraces war criminals, tries to disgrace decorated U.S. veterans

Source / U.S. Air National Guard

Trump was fond of making remarks about stopping the endless wars and bringing the troops back home.

Yet, he almost sent the world careening into a catastrophic war when he assassinated Qasem Soleimani the Iranian major general in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. It was a move that 53% of the country disapproved of.  

12. Draining the swamp

Filling up the swamp: Trump already employs more lobbyists in senior positions than Bush and Obama did

Flickr / The Epoch Times

“Drain the swamp” has proven to be just another campaign slogan that was all talk. Trump’s supporters celebrated the fact that the businessman was going to head to Washington and shake things up.

Since taking over the Oval Office, Trump has done little swamp draining, if anything he has made things murkier. He has filled his administration with mostly unqualified people who have given big dollars to his political campaign.

13. Betraying vets

Instagram slams Trump for partying with convicted war criminal Navy Seal at Mar-A-Lago

Screenshot / Instagram

Trump has disrespected the men and women who have fought and died for the country on more than one occasion. In the past, he has insulted gold star families as well as slandering a POW.

He also disregarded the decisions made by military leaders by pardoning war criminals like Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher.

Gallagher was brought up on charges of premeditated murder, obstruction of justice, and for “posing for inappropriate photos with the dead captive.”

14. Claiming Mexico will pay for the wall

Trump screws military families to fund his border wall vanity project

Source: Wikimedia

Trump’s vanity wall was one of his most repeated campaign promises. At his rallies, the crowd would often break out into chants of “build the wall.”

Trump promised that Mexico would be footing the bill.

Instead of getting cash from our southern neighbors, the Trump administration has instead by siphoning off money from wherever he can including Puerto Rico relief funds and the U.S. military.

15. Promising jobs

‘Weakest year since 2011:’ U.S. job creation hits new 8 year low under Trump

Screenshot / YouTube

The President has been boasting about his soaring economy and all the jobs he has brought to the United States.

While he is still talking about how strong the economy is online, he recently cut down the raise for federal workers because of a “national emergency or serious economic conditions affecting the general welfare.”

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