Is it impeached or him peached 11 hilarious real reactions to Trump’s fake tan

‘Is it impeached or him peached?’ 11 hilarious real reactions to Trump’s fake tan

  • 02/12/2020 10:18 am ET Brian Frazer
11 Real Reactions to Trump's Fake Tan

Source / The White House

When the name Donald J. Trump is said aloud, the first thing that comes to mind is authenticity. Oh, wait, I’m sorry. I’m confusing him with that pizza place down the street that uses real olive oil imported from Naples.

The first thing that comes to mind with Trump is fake. Fake University, fake news, fake charities, fake marriage vows, fake oath to the Constitution, fake golf scores, fake teeth, fake hair, and fake tan.

Now, Trump is crying foul and claiming that this photo is fake. Which it’s not because:

  1. It was the White House that released the photo
  2. Reuters doesn’t allow photoshop or retouching
  3. The White House later claimed that they used the Apple photo app to adjust the color of the photo
  4. All of the above.

Of course, it’s 4! Which gives internet’ers across the globe carte blanche to chime in with their own fresh takes on the orange gibbon who should’ve watched a YouTube make-up tutorial.

1. Adolf never dreamed of looking this fabulous

by cellardwellar

Now maybe you can help Rudy with his bottom teeth.

2. Build that wall!

Mexico paid for that.

3. Yes, but he used shoe polish

Oh, and Trudeau isn’t a serial liar and dictator.

4.Face brought to you by Sherwin-Williams  

Ripe Pomegranate is an interesting color choice, would have picked him for more of a chalky white bedsheets kind of guy.

5. Definitely Wilson

Melania probably wishes she married the volleyball.

6. He’s adorable during dress-up time!

The odds of him dusting anything: Less than zero.

7. You’re fired!

He started the fire then put it out and will definitely take credit for everyone’s safety.

8. Wait, Trump is the alien?

Please keep pedaling until you get to Brazil!

9. Don’t forget the fake eyelashes

We know he wears a girdle, didn’t know about the bra.

10. The Human Stain

Also Nobody:

Orange looks so natural on a human.

11. Both

But that first thing would be way better.

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