GOP Senate acquit 18 million FEWER Americans convict remove Trump


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GOP Senate acquitters represent 18 million FEWER Americans than those who voted to convict and remove Trump

02/06/2020 9:32 am ET Sunny Hundal

Senators who voted to convict Trump represented 18 million more Americans than the acquitters

On Wednesday night, 48 Senators voted to convict Donald Trump of abuse of power. Together, they represent 170 million people.

52 Senators voted to acquit Trump. They represent 152 million people.

The statistics, highlighted by voting rights activist Ari Berman, illustrate the skewed power of the Senate.

The Senate gives more power to smaller states with fewer people than the more populous ones by allowing them all two Senators each.

Numerous Democratic candidates have proposed giving Puerto Rico and Washington DC statehood to help address the balance.

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