Republican chickensh*t Ex-GOP Rep sham Senate trial MSNBC VIDEO


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‘Every Republican was an absolute chickensh*t’: Ex-GOP Rep slams sham Senate trial on MSNBC (VIDEO)

02/06/2020 10:22 am ET Sunny Hundal
Former GOP Congressman slams sham Senate trial: 'Every Republican Was An Absolute Chickensh*t'

Source / Wikimedia

After Republican Senators voted to acquit Donald Trump last night, a former GOP Congressman blasted the cowardice among his Senate colleagues.

Former Congressman Joe Walsh (R-IL) appeared on MSNBC with Chris Matthews, host of Hardball and called Republicans who acquitted Trump “chickenshit”.

Walsh is currently running an unsuccessful campaign to replace Donald Trump as the GOP candidate and has been excluded from the race in several states.

He told MSNBC:

“Most of the American people understand that we didn’t have a trial, we didn’t have a fair trial…But most every single Senate Republican today outside of Mitt Romney was an absolute chicken s**t.”

Asked to elaborate, he said:

“They’re scared to death, Chris, of his voters. They don’t want to lose his voters…They know what Trump did was wrong, and for them to come out today and say it was inappropriate, Chris, they didn’t have the courage to say that a month or two ago.”


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