10 shenanigans you can expect now that Trump has been acquitted


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10 shenanigans you can expect now that Trump has been acquitted

02/06/2020 1:13 pm ET Brian Frazer


GOP Senators looked at whether Ukraine interfered in 2016 election. They found nothing

Source / Unsplash

The President has officially been acquitted. The Senate has turned a blind eye to Trump’s attempts trying to cheat his way to victory in the 2020 election.

Senator Collins (R-ME) may think that he’s learned a lesson about the use of underhanded and corrupt tactics, and he probably has. Unfortunately, the lesson he learned was: do more of it.

Trump and those politicians who plighted their troth to his success have now been given free rein. Electron corruption, conspiracy theories, and other shenanigans will now become the norm.

Here’s what you can expect as we inch closer and closer to election day….

1 Cheating is now officially the first ingredient of the GOP

9 3/8th Predictions of Pending Election Corruption Emboldened by Trump’s Acquittal 11

Flickr / WMXdesign

Over the past three-plus years, Moscow Mitch McConnell has done NOTHING to safeguard our democracy from hackers and voting machine fraud. In fact, he treats any election security bill like the coronavirus.

It wouldn’t surprise anyone if ol’ Mitch shared the modem codes like the Kool-Aid guy shares sugar. The inspiring, yet sad, #TooBigToRig means little if you’ve designed a system that wipes out votes like a giant Etch-a-Sketch.

2 Groundhog’s (Election) Day

9 3/8th Predictions of Pending Election Corruption Emboldened by Trump’s Acquittal 12

Flickr / jtbksc

Representative Hakeem Jeffries succinctly summed up the Möbius strip of corruption.

“Absent conviction and removal, how can we be assured that this president will not do it again? If we are to rely on the next election to judge the president’s efforts to cheat in that election, how can we know that the election will be free and fair?”

A.) We shouldn’t. B.) We won’t.

Donald Trump cheats at everything. On his taxes, his “physical”, his University, his wives, his pornstars. It is his only chance of winning anything because he’s failed at most every business enterprise he started — including six bankruptcies.

The argument of “let’s let the people decide” in November is five exits passed flawed when he’s already been impeached for trying to fix the upcoming election. It’s like saying “let’s let the arsonist decide whether or not there’s a fire.”

3 Sean Hannity will up his all-nonsense game

Trump and Hannity are terrified John Bolton might testify

Screenshot / Fox News

There’s no lie too big (or small!) for Sean to spread! From “the Mueller investigation was a coup”, to “Seth Rich was killed by Hillary Clinton for leaking the DNC emails” to “Donald Trump committed no quid pro quo (despite his Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney, admitting it at a press conference)”, Sean is a master of saying whatever his college drop-out mind feels like.

He’s never met a lie he didn’t embrace. Or a fact-checker he liked. Expect bigger and crazier conspiracy theories to be churned out by Hannity and his counterparts at Fox News.

Screenshot / Twitter

4 Projection-palooza!!!!

9 3/8th Predictions of Pending Election Corruption Emboldened by Trump’s Acquittal 12

Flickr / Michele Hubacek

Before you can say “rigged”, the GOP will start accusing Dems of cheating and election fraud. Y’know, the same playbook Trump uses when he calls people crooked or accuses someone of treason—accuse others of your own crimes.

The finger-pointing has already started in Iowa and—down the road when Democrats point out ACTUAL cases of GOP voter fraud and cheating—conservatives will INSIST that they’re just doing it in response to liberal shenanigans.

5 More batsh*t crazy rules from the party that brought you Pizza-Gate

Flickr / Gage Skidmore

Senator Joni Ernst said (yes, out loud!) that if Joe Biden were elected president, Republicans could immediately begin impeachment proceedings against him for his involvement in Ukraine when he was vice president.

Okay, Joni. So we can retroactively charge someone for crimes that aren’t crimes when they haven’t been in office in four years?

On the other hand, Republicans are famous for changing rules after the fact so Joni’s predictions could come to pass. All of that is assuming Trump doesn’t simply refuse to leave the White House if someone else wins the election.

6 Betcha can’t steal just one!

Flickr / Revenge Mcpheamerson

Why steal just one election when you can steal two?

Brad Parscale & Company won’t be satisfied with 2016. Team Trump will be out for electoral blood after the hoax-y witch-hunt that Trumpers say Adam Schiff and the Dems put their Great Leader through for the most perfectest of phone calls in… ever.

This means that Donald J. Trump gets to once again roam around the White House feeling like he can get away with anything. And, with many voting machines providing barcodes that humans are unable to read, it would be impossible to tell whether the voter wanted the Democrat nominee or Trump.

7 More evidence that Trump never gets punished – for anything!

Flickr / swisars

Trump just bullies and lies and denies and sues and NDAs his way through life.

It’s now official. Robert Mueller and forty-seven Democratic Senators couldn’t lay a hand on him, so why should he feel threatened by a little thing called honesty and electoral integrity?

Truth is Trump’s kryptonite. As technology advances, so does hacking technology. The fact that Trump employed Russia (and Russian crony Julian Assange) WHEN HE WASN’T YET IN THE WHITE HOUSE is terrifying.

He’s now had three-plus unchecked years of simultaneously not doing anything to protect democracy and inviting any and all countries to invade our data.

8 Rampant indifference with a side of ignorance

Flickr / AMSF2011

Retiring GOP Senator Lamar Alexander summed up the blind ignorance of the Republicans.

When asked “Are you at all concerned, when you speak foreign interference, he [Trump] does not believe he’s done anything wrong? That what happened here might encourage him to seek further interference?” Ol’ Lamar replied, “I don’t think so, I hope not.”

Thanks for standing up for democracy, Senator Backbone!

You can expect even more Republicans to turn a blind eye like Senator Alexander. While others, like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), willfully make our elections less secure.

9 Lowered Confidence after Iowa

Source / Unsplash

After the Democrats’ caucus counting voting app couldn’t even handle a few hundred thousand votes in Iowa, it has already given carte blanche to more Republican chicanery.

If the Democrats are messing up against Democrats then, of course, that proves that they are the corrupt party and that the Republicans are model citizens, right?

With lots of remote access software and modems on election equipment and—with few exceptions, no meaningful manual audits in November—the sky’s the limit for manipulating the results.

9 3/8th.  He’s already asked Russia and Ukraine to interfere

Source / Unsplash

There are only another 192 countries to go!

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