Fill the swamp Secret recording Trump big dirty deals with big dollar donor


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‘Fill the swamp’: Secret recording reveals Trump making big dirty deals with big dollar donors

01/27/2020 9:20 am ET Sunny Hundal

Throughout his election campaign, Donald Trump promised Americans that he would “drain the swamp.” But in his own words, he has done only the opposite.

Last week a secret recording of the President was leaked. It was obtained at a dinner for big money donors to a super PAC supporting Trump’s reelection bid.

When the recording emerged the media primarily focused on Trump’s views on Marie Yovanovitch, the former Ukraine Ambassador, and what it said about the impeachment trial.

But there was much more to the tape. As the New York Times reports:

There was the New York real estate developer whose company’s project in South Korea was proposed to Mr. Trump as a possible site for his summit with Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea.

There was the Canadian steel magnate who pushed the president to further limit steel imports to the United States, and whose companies donated $1.75 million to the super PAC.

Other attendees discussed government policies that could benefit their businesses, including building a highway for self-driving trucks and regulations that would help make trucks powered by gas compressors more competitive with electric-powered vehicles.

In other words, instead of draining the swamp, the President is filling it with his own people who will contribute to his election campaign.

One by one, at the dinner, donors were encouraged to come up with ideas that would make them money, help the President and lead to more donations to his campaign.

Behind closed doors, Trump’s slogan has always been “Filling the swamp.”

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