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‘Already uncontrollable’: China quarantines 56 million as coronavirus spreads

01/25/2020 2:59 pm ET Mackenzie Zlatos

Second case of deadly coronavirus confirmed in the US as stock market dropsSecond case of deadly coronavirus confirmed in the US as stock market drops

China is facing a massive outbreak of the coronavirus, which has killed 41 people and infected over 1,300.

Doctor Liang Wudong, who was treating victims in Wuhan, died of the virus on Saturday morning. The United States is set to evacuate the 1,000 citizens from the capital of the Hubei province. 56 million people in the Hubei province are subject to travel restrictions.

Authorities have quarantined some 56 million people in nine cities. Meanwhile, a shocking video shows hundreds of people filling a Chinese hospital to the brim. One leading expert said the outbreak was “already uncontrollable.” Another expert “feared the worst was yet to come,” according to the Daily Mail.

Dr. Guan Yi predicted that the disease would be worse than the SARS epidemic, which killed 775 people in 2003. “This time I am scared,” he told Chinese media outlet Caixin.

Three cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in France. On January 24, a case was confirmed in Chicago. Lunar New Year events were canceled in the city’s Chicago district.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down 170.36 points on Friday. The 30 stock average fell more than 300 points in the day. Shares in United Airlines and American Airlines fell as well.

Coronavirus has spread to nine countries outside of China. Symptoms include a fever, cough, or trouble breathing. Older patients tend to develop pneumonia from the disease.

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