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DHS lists pipeline activists with White Supremacists

  • 01/13/2020 6:32 pm ET Molly Taft

Wisconsin's New Pipeline Trespass Bill

The US government branded a group of nonviolent pipeline activists as “extremists” and included them on lists with mass killers and white supremacists, documents obtained by The Guardian show.

An intelligence bulletin on domestic terror threats authored by the Department of Homeland Security and obtained through an FOIA request shows that a group known as the Valve Turners, who shut off the valves of pipelines in four states in 2016, are defined by DHS as “suspected environmental rights extremists.”

Two of the group’s members are listed in a section on highlighted domestic terror incidents over the past few years with Dylann Roof, who killed black churchgoers in a mass shooting in 2015.

“There is little evidence that environmentalists have engaged in the types of deadly violence that would meet the statutory definition of domestic terrorism, as codified by Congress,” former FBI agent Mike German told The Guardian.

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