Swing state voters beware Trump GOP take healthcare after election

Swing state voters beware: Trump, GOP want to take your healthcare away—after the election

01/11/2020 4:25 pm ET Mackenzie Zlatos

Trump, GOP want to take healthcare away from red state voters — after the election 1

The Trump administration is making plans to get rid of healthcare for millions, but only after the election is over.

The Supreme Court asked that Trump and red states (Republican-led swing states) challenging Obamacare review Democratic state attorneys general’s request. The Democrats wanted a lawsuit concerning Obamacare to be heard before the end of summer. However, Trump and his associates argue that since Obamacare is still in effect, there is no need to hear the case until 2021.

Democrats do not want President Trump to escape from the political aftereffects of the case, should the law be repealed. They are also arguing that the fate of Obamacare is uncertain and needs to be determined.

In order to expedite a review, five justices must be in agreement. Four of the justices on the Supreme Court are liberal, and Chief Justice Roberts has already upheld Obamacare in two previous decisions.

The lawsuit claims that by removing the tax penalty attached to the original Obamacare act, Congress invalidated the whole act. It has been making its rounds through the courts for the last two years.

The Trump administration has successfully taken away healthcare from 340,000 children in red states and swing states led by Republicans (like Florida), according to one study. Overall, 4 million children have lost healthcare thanks to the Republicans.

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