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The worst thing to happen to Puerto Ricans isn’t a hurricane or earthquake. It’s Trump.

  • 01/09/2020 9:34 am ET Sunny Hundal
Puerto Ricans left homeless after huge earthquake; Trump continues to ignore them

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Two in three of all Puerto Ricans are now without electricity and thousands have had to sleep outdoors after an unprecedented earthquake destroyed homes on Tuesday. Many fear more homes could collapse after the powerful quake hit the island.

But the plight of these Americans has largely been ignored by much of the government, and there hasn’t been a word mentioned about it from the President—not even a shout out on Twitter.

On Wednesday, a public health emergency was declared across the island.

‘Worse than Hurricane Maria’

Residents said the devastation from the quake was worse than from Hurricane Maria two years ago.

“With the hurricane, you knew when and at what time it would arrive,” resident Tatiana Rodriguez told CNN. “This, you don’t know at what time it’s going to happen.”

A quarter of the island is without running water, reported the BBC.

The earthquake and its aftershocks knocked out Puerto Rico’s main power generating facility, the Costa Sur plant. It may take up to a year to be fully fixed.

“Horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, everything fell on top of us,” Josefina Pacheco told Reuters. “It’s really hard to see so many houses around you on the ground.”

But what’s worse for Puerto Ricans is that, like during the Hurricane Maria crisis, Donald Trump is still president.

The Worst Thing to Happen to Puerto Rico

Since taking his place in the Oval Office, Trump has treated Puerto Rico downright poorly. The over 3 million American citizens that call the island home haven’t been able to count on this administration for help when they needed it most.

In fact, Trump has purposely held up funds that were meant for the island and bizarrely blamed Puerto Rico for being in the path of a hurricane.

The final death toll after Hurricane Marie reached nearly 3,000 as people continued to suffer for months from the after-effects of the storm. The President actually denied those figures claiming the deaths were not much more than “6 to 18.”

In December, it was reported that he personally intervened to stop Puerto Rico from getting their Medicaid funding.

Now, the Americans who live on the island are struggling once again, and Trump can’t even be bothered to send them some thoughts and prayers. 


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