Trump Deutsche Bank loans Russia backed says son of bank executive

Trump’s massive Deutsche Bank loans were backed by Russia, says son of bank executive

  • 01/03/2020 4:48 pm ET Dara Brewton
Donald Trump's loans from Deutsche Bank were backed by Russia

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An insider has come forward with a stack of bank documents that may prove Trump’s loans from Deutsche Bank were backed by Putin.

A new report released by Forensic News suggests that the loans the German bank approved were underwritten by VTB Bank—a Russian state-owned financial institution. The insider, Val Broeksmit, is the son of William S. Broeksmit the Deutsche Bank executive who took his own life in 2015.

Broeksmit’s statement reads:

The Russian state bank VTB underwrote loans to Donald Trump via Deutsche Bank. Over the course of Trump’s relationship with DB, an inordinate amount of questionable, mismanaged & risky loans approved by Deutsche Bank to Trump required his Personal Guarantee which, overtime, also lost its value.

Trump’s team at DB sought out creative ways to circumvent the varied protections DB’s compliance team institutionally implemented, & whether by happenstance or by design Trump’sloans became underwritten by Russia’s own VTB.

I informed the FBI of this in 2019.

Trump’s Deutsche Bank Loans

Over two decades, Trump was able to take out around $2.5 billion in loans from Deutsche Bank. The German financial institution continued to hand him loan checks even after he defaulted on $640 million and sued the bank!

At one point, one department of the bank loaned Trump $48 million so that he could pay back a loan taken out in another department. “No one has ever seen anything like it,” said David Enrich, finance editor of The New York Times.

The President’s initial dealings with Deutsche Bank came just after his New Jersey casinos went bankrupt. At that time, no American banks were interested in lending him any money to squander on his failed real estate dealings.

Deutsche Bank did not share those feelings.

It was a lending decision that many didn’t understand. However, if the whistleblower’s information is sound, then Deutsche Bank’s actions make a lot more sense. There wasn’t any risk to lending Trump money if the Russian government was ready to make good on any defaulted loans.

NOTE: Forensic News “is not confirming the underlying claim that VTB underwrote Trump’s loans from Deutsche Bank. Forensic News can, however, confirm that at least some of Trump’s loans were issued by a bank subsidiary with business ties to VTB. One federal agent working on the Deutsche Bank investigation indicated that VTB is under scrutiny in the FBI criminal probe. ‘We know VTB very well,’ the investigator said on  background.”

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