Christianity Today subscriptions surge slam Trump’s broken character

Christianity Today’s subscriptions surge after slamming Trump’s ‘broken character’

12/23/2019 4:43 pm ET Dara Brewton
Christianity Today sees subscription spike after anti-Trump op-ed

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The op-ed from Christianity Today that called out Trump for his “bent and broken character” has, understandably, caused quite an uproar. But it is helping, not hurting their bottom line.

Trump himself took to Twitter to complain about it, and plenty of the members of the MAGA crowd followed suit.

The magazine admits that it received a letter from “nearly 200 influential evangelical leaders” after the scathing op-ed went live. According to Daily Kos, the leaders complained that the article cast a shadow on the “spiritual integrity” of evangelicals.

Yet, even with all the criticism, pointing out the “immoral words and behavior” of the President has been a boon for the publication.

Christianity Today editor-in-chief Mark Galli told MSNBC that the controversy has actually led to an increase in subscriptions, “We have lost subscribers, but we’ve had 3 times as many people start to subscribe.”

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