Trump throwing million red state Americans off foods stamps


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Trump is throwing more than a million red state Americans off foods stamps

11/30/2019 1:25 pm ET Mackenzie Zlatos

New Trump rules means 3.7 million could lose food stamps

Three new rules proposed by the Trump administration could cause 3.7 million people to lose their Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) food stamps.

A new study from the Urban Institute analyzed the implications of the last three proposals from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to limit SNAP and food stamps. These changes have been proposed over the past year.

These changes move the standards for time limit waivers for adults without dependents. Another law would restrict the ability of the states to determine the eligibility of families based on other government benefits. The third law would “create a uniform approach to setting standard utility allowances.”

The study found that 3.7 million people per month would lose their SNAP benefits, 2.2 million households would lose $301,400,000, 3 million others would lose $111,000,000, and 982,000 students would lose lunches.

NBC consulted Craig Gunderson, a professor of agricultural and consumer economics at the University of Illinois. Gunderson said that 50 percent of the 3.7 million were already food insecure even with the food stamp assistance.

Food insecurity raises the cost of health-related expenses by $2,000 a person, added Gunderson.

Households with a member over 60 or disabled were the most likely to be affected, according to the Urban Institute.

The USDA secretary Sonny Perdue argued that these cuts would help lower taxes.

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