Ilhan Omar’s GOP opponent felony theft banned Twitter hanging threats

Ilhan Omar’s GOP opponent—already charged with felony theft—is banned from Twitter for ‘hanging’ threats

  • 11/29/2019 8:50 am ET Sunny Hundal
Ilhan Omar's pro-Trump Republican opponent charged with felony theft

Screenshot / YouTube

Last week, Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Republican opponent in Minnesota was suspended from Twitter—this is the same opponent that was charged with a felony for shoplifting at Target.

The Guardian previously reported that Stella was charged with a felony after allegedly stealing from stores.

Danielle Stella was arrested twice this year in Minneapolis suburbs over allegations that she shoplifted items worth more than $2,300 from a Target and goods valued at $40 from a grocery store.


But that wasn’t enough. Now, Danielle Stella has been permanently suspended from Twitter due to posting at least twice about hanging Rep. Omar.


Stella is the same candidate who earlier attacked Ilhan Omar for not doing enough to reduce crime, and claimed Minneapolis was the “crime capital of our country”.

UPDATE 11-30: Stella takes to Facebook to defends her terrible tweets.  

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